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Researchers discover deep learning model to maximise lifespan after liver transplant

The study shows that the model can significantly improve long-term survival and quality of life for liver transplant recipients

Published on 13th April 2021

Study sheds light on reverse-order heart-liver transplant's benefits for certain patients

This unique approach to heart-liver transplant opens the door to more highly sensitised patients getting the transplants they desperately need

Published on 2nd April 2021

Selfless Sister Act: How Priyanka T gave more than half her liver to save her sister's life

Twenty five-year-old Sindhu had been diagnosed with drug-induced liver damage and the only remedy was to get a liver transplant

Published on 9th November 2018

From MCC to Koodankulam, Sophia Edward has broken a lot of ground. Now, she's fighting for her life and needs a liver transplant to live. Can you help?

Researcher and teacher Sophia Edward needs a liver transplant in a hurry. Mounting medical bills and scarcity of donors is making fighting for life an everyday battle

Published on 4th October 2017

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