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Find functional yet aesthetic products made with love by Hyderabad-based Heart Works  

Speaking about the trays, Meghalika shares that they come in three sizes — small, medium, large — and they have 14 variants that are customisable

Published on 6th April 2019

Meet the man who's trying to save one lakh trees by getting schools to use his eco-friendly pencils

From bamboo toothbrush to pencils from recycled newspaper, Rajesh Singh's GoGraameen is empowering traditional artisans with their eco-friendly products

Published on 21st May 2018

Why you'll want to take a bite out of The Soaptub Co's all-natural, funky shaped soaps

Sushmitha Jakkula is the founder of Hyderabad-based The Soaptub Co. Through her venture, she supplies handmade soaps. She also offers soap hampers and if you love bath salts, she makes those too 

Published on 22nd May 2020

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