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Navigating the educational labyrinth: The downsides of the Indian education system

While the importance of extracurricular activities is recognised, striking a balance between these activities and academic commitments remains a challenge

Published on 25th November 2023

Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Indian education system

Despite challenges, the rise of AI in the Indian education system presents a wealth of opportunities to improve teaching, enhance learning, and empower students to reach their full potential

Published on 22nd November 2023

Revamping Indian education system to make students well-rounded, informed citizens

Renovating the Indian syllabus to incorporate these changes will empower students to become informed, engaged, and responsible citizens

Published on 21st November 2023

Limitations of Indian education system: Overcrowded classrooms, lack of quality teaching

The Indian education system is also inequitable. Students from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds are less likely to have access to quality education

Published on 9th October 2023

Why should the Indian education system be revamped? 

Overall, the potential benefits of revamping the Indian education system outweigh the potential drawbacks

Published on 3rd October 2023

Key focus areas of revamping the education system

A more educated population would be better equipped to contribute to the country's economic development and social progress

Published on 2nd October 2023

Bengal: Governor says wait till midnight for action; Education Minister calls him "vampire"

Even senior professors of the state are questioning the governor about how professors with less than ten years of experience are being appointed as interim vice-chancellors 

Published on 9th September 2023

Financial literacy: Embedding it in Indian education system 

The pursuit of incorporating financial literacy within the Indian education system stands as a commendable endeavour

Published on 26th August 2023

National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2023: What are the key features? 

The NCF 2023 emphasises the development of the whole child, not just their academic skills

Published on 25th August 2023

How can AI help the Indian education system?

In addition to these specific applications, AI has the potential to make education more accessible, engaging, and effective for all students

Published on 15th August 2023

Independence Day: How Indian education system has transformed through the years

Here are some of the key changes that have taken place in the education system in India since 1947

Published on 14th August 2023

Those working to fix the gender gap in Indian education system 

Here are a few examples of organisations that are working to address the gender gap in education in India

Published on 12th August 2023

Let's identify the gaps in Indian education system 

The gender gap in education is a serious problem in India, but it is one that can be solved

Published on 12th August 2023

Telangana ABVP to organise protest rally against state education system on August 1

The rally called titled Chalo Hyderabad will be held at Parade Grounds in the city on August 1, 2023

Published on 29th July 2023

AP Education Minister pokes jibes at Telangana education system; stirs debate

Satyanarayana stated that the TSPSC examinations witnessed question paper leaks and arrests

Published on 14th July 2023

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