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Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram-Name it all. This Professor is everywhere to help you

Putting practical application of theories at the forefront of his teaching, Dr Thangakumar J, an Assistant Professor from Hindustan University talks about how he makes classrooms fun and interactive

Published on 27th May 2017

Even Polio couldn't stop this mathemagician from NIT Calicut from standing tall

Krishnan Paramasivam is a Maths prof with a plan. Despite facing the most complex of problems — in books, on classroom boards and in life — he’s taken it all in his stride and is making a mark

Published on 27th May 2017

Do India's teaching methods need a revamp? These students suggest changes that can make the classroom lively and fun

These students demand understanding teachers, a platform for freedom of expression and thought and a seperation from archaic classroom learning

Published on 21st September 2017

Students of SVU impose lock down on the campus after authorities fail to deal with their demands 

Students arrested under section 144 violation. Police groups were deployed and prevented students from entering classrooms in Sri Venkateshwara University campus

Published on 5th September 2017

Do you get busy with your cell phones during lectures? Study says you will score less. You have been warned 

From a study conducted in the Johannesburg, it is clear why teachers are not welcoming Tech advancements in classrooms

Published on 23rd October 2017

Away from classrooms and into the mind, this artist explains her love for colour, freedom and the need to 'unschool'

To unschool is to accept and dive into education sans a classroom, where the learner is the teacher and the methods used are more personal and interactive

Published on 1st November 2017

AICTE asks Delhi college not to admit more students following lack of infrastructure, move triggers protests

It's been 10 years and the college shares an ITI institute's campus in Okhla, students at GB Pant Engineering College are protesting in classrooms at night

Published on 12th November 2017

Student alert: This app tracks your attendance, assignments and more   

Naresh Challagulla's Study Monitor wants to link urban and rural schools apart from make e-classrooms a thing of the present


Published on 25th November 2017

Chandan Deshmukh's new book explains the five lies your teacher probably used on you

Techie turned Author Chandan Deshmukh is out with a new book and this one will take you back to the classroom, though from a different angle

Published on 20th February 2018

Gap year gone wild: What's it like to study in a college with students half your age? 

College days and stories are for life — but does it change when you are in a classroom full of students who are a generation apart? 

Published on 28th February 2018

Unidentified student shoots lecturer dead in Haryana college

According to media reports, the student entered the classroom early on Tuesday and fired three bullets at the professor

Published on 13th March 2018

Education 101: Coimbatore Central Prison's smart classrooms are giving inmates a second chance at literacy

The prison's earlier use of the routine blackboard teaching method failed to yield more than 40 convicts, a figure that changed with the use of the smart classrooms

Published on 28th March 2018

In this school, there are no fixed classrooms and the teachers learn along with their students

With no prescribed textbooks and fixed classrooms, this school in Anaikatti is providing a fear-free and inclusive learning environment, and a specially designed curriculum

Published on 21st May 2018

Meet Karthiyani Amma from Kerala who will be 100 when she clears Class X! 

Karthiyani Amma, the oldest student of the state speaks about reentering the classroom with a bang through the Aksharalaksham programme 

Published on 2nd July 2018

Over 40,000 classrooms turn hi-tech as part of the Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education initiative

Malappuram district has the highest number of hi-tech classrooms (5,096), followed by Kozhikode (4,105) and Thrissur (3,497)

Published on 15th July 2018

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