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What the FAQ: What are the symptoms of Zika virus, when was the first case found?

While India battles one pandemic, another virus seems to have taken people into its grasp — Zika virus. Here we explain what the symptoms are, when was the first case and more

Published on 10th July 2021

Kerala now has 14 cases of Zika virus, health minister draws up action plan

Among the infected was a 24-year-old pregnant woman who was diagnosed with the mosquito-transmitted disease on Thursday

Published on 9th July 2021

IIT Mandi researchers find the target protein for action of antimalarial drug against Zika Virus

The Zika virus is a mosquito-borne emerging global pathogen belonging to the flavivirus genus. Other members of this genus include dengue virus

Published on 28th January 2019
Zika virus prevention

IIT-Mandi professor finds innovative method to combat Zika virus

Professor Rajanish Giri recently won the Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award for discovering how to prevent zika virus capsid folding

Published on 13th December 2018

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