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This young teacher in Jharkhand has been conducting classes under a tree for government school kids

Pavitra Ichagutu, a 24-year-old teacher from Jharkhand is a fellow of the NGO Plan India. She teaches Hindi, English and Mathematics

Published on 17th November 2020
Book Sudha Mahesh

Why every modern young teacher has to read Sudha Mahesh'sbook

Sudha Mahesh wrote a book on how to be a 21st-century educator which serves as a guide to every aspiring teacher

Published on 27th October 2018

A writer and a poet, this multifaceted teacher encourages her students to discover their talents

For V S Kaikasi, her name sparked her interest in Hindu mythology. Like her namesake, she too is resolute in her mission to get her students to discover what they’re really good at

Published on 25th May 2017

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