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Rupee fall against dollar to hit abroad study plans? Let's find out

The Indian rupee fell to its lowest against the US dollar on Tuesday, July 19, breaching the 80-mark for the first time

Published on 22nd July 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: Indian rupee hit all-time low against the US dollar yet again. But why?

What is happening to the Indian rupee and why is it hitting new lows against the dollar? We try to decode this in today's edition of What The FAQ

Published on 9th May 2022

What Happened on April 2: The day of the dollar begins and a happy, book-ish coincidence    

The US Dollar comes into being, a famous author gets married resulting in a surprising coincidence later in history and around the world, people celebrate the chic DIY culture 

Published on 2nd April 2022

Why Amit Bhaduri believes China's e-currency can infiltrate the stock markets and upstage the mighty US Dollar

China has launched e-RMB in four sites and plans full-fledged adoption by mid-2021. Can it be the dollar equivalent on the stock markets in the not-so-near future? 

Published on 4th May 2020

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