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There is no room for self doubt explains the trainer Nicholas Francis

This is specifically significant for the youngsters who are entering the career development process of their lives

Published on 6th August 2021

Get set for your virtual interview: Nicholas Francis takes you through the steps for acing an e-interview

After COVID, virtual interviews have emerged as a key window that employers are giving prospective candidates

Published on 26th July 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Read before you sign on dotted lines. Be careful what you sign on for

The moot point here is that as a young graduate, you will have to be sensitised to the fact that you will have to handle contracts with care

Published on 18th July 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Negotiate things the right way, be a good listener

The key to a good negotiation is to be a good listener. Listen properly and come up with clear answers

Published on 3rd July 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Explore all career possibilities and start early on to be successful

Scout out reference information from professionals in the industry, your seniors and social contacts

Published on 27th June 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Don't ever forget to self-reflect while trying to achieve something in your career

Self-reflection in one’s career grounds them to reality from an aimless wandering of the mind and here's how it can empower you

Published on 19th June 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Your career suits your personality, how would you find out?

In the end, the purpose of this column is to sensitise you as a fresh graduate that you need to look within yourself and approach career development with all seriousness

Published on 12th June 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Here's why you shouldn't be indecisive at a career crossroad

Remember not to be indecisive when you’re at a crossroad as it could affect your professional life. Start to question yourself on the possible outcomes of various decisions

Published on 5th June 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Don’t fall prey to persuasion, prepare a career plan and go ahead

Prepare a statement of purpose for the best option and see how far you can go with that career plan

Published on 29th May 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Rise above that fear to shine bright and attain success

Success is sweeter when it is achieved through hard work and passing through rough terrains. Enlarge your achievements and make it a springboard to propel you to give your best 

Published on 22nd May 2021

The Trainer Brainer: The art of building resilience to become successful in life

Building up your resilience is a proactive approach to empower you with the mantra of success

Published on 8th May 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Establish a working zone within your mind to keep you on your toes

When you create a trash zone in your mind, you are certain to move in an automatic mode. Establish a working zone within your mind to keep you on your toes

Published on 1st May 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Reinforce what you want in life to achieve success in your life

Professional reinforcement will enhance youth’s behaviour, attitude and industry-oriented preparedness

Published on 24th April 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Why you must always play the career game to win it all

It is true that opportunities have reduced, but there are always many avenues that are still to be explored. They must realise that they cannot generalise any situation

Published on 17th April 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Step away from mind squatters and condition your mind to endure challenges

An active and energetic mind keeps mind squatters from settling down rather than a static mind

Published on 12th April 2021

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