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Thought Breweries were for Beer? Craft Beer Labels are now all about Art!

Craft beer houses are full of vibrant illustrations, making their labels quirky while encouraging art and local artists

Published on 4th June 2018

Art of breweries: How craft beer labels have encouraged art

Home-grown breweries and beer labs became quite popular with even traditionalists, who had previously stayed loyal to the classic international brands — many of which were European

Published on 28th May 2018

Art on the go: How metro stations have turned into art galleries

From Stockholm to Kochi, metro stations across the world have become a hub for splendid artworks. With vibrant colours and intrinsic patterns these artworks will beat the boredom of the commuters

Published on 29th April 2018

Exploring photography without cameras, an emerging artistic expression that uses science and art

Photography without using cameras is a relatively lesser known but extremely interesting application of science in art. This can be done through e means such as photograms, chemigrams, cyanotypes etc

Published on 23rd April 2018

Dirty pour: Here's an interesting beginner's guide to fluid painting

Free-flowing liquid paints are the key ingredients for the pouring process. Though the pouring and creation part is easy, it is the after-care and preservation that requires more time

Published on 12th April 2018

How the purpose of signage art changed throughout the ages

The reliance of human beings on signs and symbols for comprehension is as old as human history itself. However, as time elapsed, they took newer forms, shapes, and meanings

Published on 30th March 2018

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