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Oxford International Education Interview

Oxford Int'l Education Group CEO Lil Bremermann-Richard on pursuing higher education abroad

“Renowned for their hard work and sincerity, Indian students exhibit a strong work ethic, quick learning, and excellent networking skills,” says the CEO

Published on 26th December 2023

University Living partners with Emirates, Etihad. This is how it helps students

This strategic collaboration aims to facilitate Indian students with offers and discounts as they embark on their journey to study abroad in the upcoming session in 2024

Published on 22nd December 2023
UK Australia Visa curbs

Visa crackdown by UK, Australia: How does it affect Indian students planning to study abroad?

Recently, on December 11, Australia announced that it is restricting the intake of international students and low-skilled workers by tightening the visa rules

Published on 15th December 2023

How would the UK Graduate Visa Review impact Indian international students?

Concerned about the increasing crackdown on immigration by the current UK government, British politicians of Indian origin weigh in on the impact this review might have on the immigration of Indians

Published on 14th December 2023
Canada cost-of-living

Canada to double the cost-of-living requirement for international students

Ahead of the September 2024 intake, measures, including limiting visas, will be taken to ensure that designated learning institutions provide adequate student support as part of the academic experienc

Published on 8th December 2023

EdFinTech GradRight to support 3,00,000 students to study in top 500 varsities over three years

Since its inception in 2019, GradRight has been redefining access and affordability of quality foreign education for Indian students

Published on 4th December 2023

Despite strong Indo-Japan bilateral ties, Indian students opting for Japan are far less 

Breaking the myth of needing to learn Japanese, Ryuhei said, "You don't need to know the Japanese language. There are many programmes offering degrees in English"

Published on 2nd December 2023
US student visa

United States issued record 1,40,000 visas to Indian students last year

Last month, the US Mission to India reached and surpassed the goal to process one million non-immigrant visa applications in 2023

Published on 29th November 2023

Study abroad: Conditional, Unconditional and Deferred offer letters — explained

Applying for higher education abroad? What is the difference between Conditional, Unconditional and Deferred offer letters?

Published on 20th November 2023

The 13 essential documents for application when opting to study abroad

Here are the most important documents in your application, without which it would be incomplete and could even be rejected 


Published on 15th November 2023

Choosing between Course | Country | University while planning to study abroad 

What factors go into deciding which university is right for you? Should you prioritise choosing the country first or the programme? Experts, consultants, universities and students help out

Published on 15th November 2023

Higher education abroad aspirants are mainly from Punjab, Telangana, Maharashtra: Report

The report has projected that the spending by Indian students on overseas education is expected to skyrocket to an astounding USD 70 billion by 2025

Published on 27th October 2023

To study in India or study abroad — If that's the question, let's evaluate 

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience. It can give you the opportunity to learn about different cultures, expand your horizons, and make international connections

Published on 24th October 2023

Coach Calling: Wish to study abroad, but worried about diplomatic tensions? Here are a few tips

The first thing to do in a situation like this is to huddle up, decode the situation and decide on the future course of action

Published on 5th October 2023

Global Study Link's Expo attracted over 300 students, foreign varsity delegates

The Study Abroad Expo was organised on September 17 at Mercure Hyderabad featuring representatives from universities worldwide

Published on 21st September 2023

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