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#ThrowbackToday: How Darcy-mania actually took root in the hearts of many

Colin Firth and William Darcy have become interchangeable thanks to BBC's six-part series Pride and Prejudice dating back to 1995. In today's #TBT, we tell you about Darcy and much, much more

Published on 24th September 2021

Dr Soumya Swaminathan lauds India for achieving 1 Crore jabs

As 1 crore people were vaccinated in a single day on Friday, Chief of National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation in India (NTAGI) Dr NK Arora said it is a matter of pride for the Indian health

Published on 28th August 2021

What The FAQ: Who is Dhyan Chand and why is he called the magician of hockey? 

In today's FAQ, we take a look at who is this famous hockey player, Dhyan Chand and why he remains a pride to many Indians

Published on 7th August 2021

Meet Mumbai's Zoya, the first trans photojournalist who is still struggling to find her way in life

Even after being featured in a hoard of newspapers and websites, Zoya still has to beg to sustain herself. What's the use of this fame, she asked

Published on 29th June 2021

As You Are: This NID grad's dating app for the LGBTQIA+ community is Made in India with Pride

Sunali Aggarwal launched AYA in June 2020. Today, the app has more than 14,000 downloads and over 11,000 active users across the country

Published on 28th June 2021

Turning the tide with pride: All your questions about the queer community answered

This Pride Month, we at Edex answer all your questions about the queer community. There's a lot you can learn about them. Read more to find out

Published on 28th June 2021

The Colours that make you Proud: Why this mini-comic on LGBTQIA awareness by Jadavpur Univ students is the coolest thing on the internet

The core group that worked on the comic included members of the LGBTQIA+ community and gender rights activists whose point of view has been crucial to the process

Published on 21st June 2021

Pride Circle is conducting Asia's largest virtual job fair for members of the LGBT+ community

A job seeker from the LGBT+ community has to submit their resume online to Pride Circle, which then does a skill matrix match and share CVs with companies seeking corresponding skill sets

Published on 3rd May 2021

#ThrowBackToday: In 1739 today, Nadir Shah captured Delhi and took hold of the famed Peacock Throne

In today’s #TBT, we take you back to the 17th century when the Peacock Throne was conceived, made and used. It was the pride of the Mughal dynasty but did not remain with them for too long a time 

Published on 20th March 2021

Anindya Kar's Insta page is the History lesson we all need on the LGBTQIA+ community in India. Check it out

Dr Anindya Kar's Instagram handle documents India's LGBTQIA+ history, so that the queer community can take pride in their culture

Published on 26th September 2020

This Twitter handle covers everything you need to know about Odia history and it's got us brimming with pride

Bishnu, better known as @VAdkri in the Twitterverse, informs you about so many unknown facts about ancient Odia and Telugu culture and history that will fill you with some newfound pride. Check it out

Published on 25th September 2020

IITians must pay attention to problems faced by farmers and rural India: Vice President Venkaiah Naidu

The Vice President said that IITs are the pride of the nation and looks up to them for science and technological leadership in the years to come

Published on 17th August 2020

DUSU elections: Modi Bhakt sings for NSUI's first presidential candidate from Purvanchal

In the roughly two-minute clip doing rounds on WhatsApp, Hemant asks students to vote for ‘Purvanchal ke beti’ Chetna in the DUSU elections to “bring pride” to the region

Published on 11th September 2019
Oruvanukku Oruthi?

Pride Month: Why Tamil short film Oruvanukku Oruthi has heart, soul and a whole lot of Pride

This Pride Month, Vimal Santiagu gives us this nice little film about two individuals who meet when their parents forcefully set them up  

Published on 24th June 2019

Celebrate the five-decade-long journey of Pride history with Google Doodle 

To celebrate this year’s historic Pride, Google is launching Pride Forever, a campaign that’s rooted in sharing LGBTQ+ history with the users

Published on 4th June 2019

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