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"Prof Dalwai was always respectful": OP Jindal University students share testimonies, vouch for prof facing FIR

The testimonies from these 40 students were accumulated before the Chairman of the Haryana State Commission for Women (HCW) at the university blaming Prof Dalwai of targeted stalking and harassment 

Published on 12th January 2024

“With collapse of each school, we lose a pillar in foundation of future”: Experts on education during war

Stressing the need to recognise that there are real lives at stake in the war in Gaza and Ukraine, the experts focused on educational recovery, trauma and psycho-social emotional learning

Published on 6th December 2023

Educationist, scholars sign petition against academic restrictions on discussions on Palestine

The statement with signatures was issued to call upon university administrators and the government to respect their academic freedom

Published on 4th December 2023

“Horrifying”: UN Chief condemns Israel’s attack on UN-run schools in Gaza

In a post on social media platform X, Gutteres wrote, "I am deeply shocked that 2 @UNRWA schools were struck in less than 24 hours in Gaza"

Published on 20th November 2023

EFLU files FIRs for Azadi slogans; IIT Bombay under fire for pro-Palestine talk: Central varsities resisting resistance?

EFLU, IITs, VBUs and others —  there is a growing trend within central universities to resist resistance, accompanied by a more stringent mandate to align with the vision of the Central Government

Published on 16th November 2023

IIT Bombay silent event for Palestine children: Interim event guidelines released hours after gathering

The silent event happened on November 14 to honour the children who became victims of the Palestine war

Published on 16th November 2023

IIT Bombay obstructs silent event to honour memory of Palestine children who were killed

"A significant security and police presence was noted aimed at preventing the planned and pre-informed solidarity gathering," read a statement


Published on 16th November 2023

IIT Bombay Sudhanva Deshpande talk: Students pen testimonials to director in support of academic freedom

"We at HSS often do research criticizing the government policy decisions, we talk on the nuances of Indian society like caste, class and gender that still need to be understood," it said

Published on 14th November 2023

Children's Day address: Kerala CM calls for collective action for the safety of Palestine children

Vijayan said that the availability of nutritious food, healthcare, and quality education are the inherent rights of every child born in the world

Published on 14th November 2023

Sudhanva Deshpande @ IIT Bombay — What happened vs what really happened

Are the charges of “terror-glorifying” levied at IIT Bombay’s Humanities and Social Sciences Department events around the Israel-Palestine conflict valid? Or are they targeted attacks? We find out…

Published on 14th November 2023

Protest outside IIT Bombay against professor, guest speaker for 'glorifying' Palestinian 'terrorist' .  

The protestors demanded a probe into the phone calls and emails of the professor and the guest speaker to find out the “true motives” behind their talk 


Published on 11th November 2023

Did students in JNU complain about “Pro Hamas” Mahabali on Onam poster?   

The JNU administration alleged that a few students complained about King Mahabali draped in the colours of the Palestinian flag; however, the JNUSU says that nothing of that sort happened


Published on 10th November 2023

IIT Bombay: Students lodge complaint against prof & guest speaker for “glorifying Palestinian Militants”  

The guest speaker, theatre director and actor Sudhanva Deshpande, made the remarks while he was introducing the Israeli documentary Arna’s Children”


Published on 10th November 2023

IIT Bombay:  Achin Vanaik lecture cancelled; Student collective questions the stifling of pro-palestine discourse

Prof Achin Vanaik’s lecture at OP Jindal Global University, Sonipat, sparked controversy due to his pro-Palestine stance amidst Israel's Gaza bombing, leading to accusations of being 'pro-Hamas' 

Published on 9th November 2023

Prof Achin Vanaik's lecture at IIT Bombay cancelled due to his alleged pro-Palestinian stance 

The academician, who had previously delivered a talk at OP Jindal University, was reportedly deemed by many as being "anti-hindu" in nature

Published on 7th November 2023

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