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What The FAQ: If you were tripping over the 'Blood Moon' last night, this fact sheet will make it all the more amazing

The longest lunar eclipse in a millennium is no mean feat. It apparently happens once in a blood moon (pun absolutely intended)

Published on 20th November 2021

What the FAQ: What is a total lunar eclipse? When and where can Indians see it?

Notably, this will be the first total lunar eclipse since 2019. In the past decade, there have been only nine total lunar eclipses. Here's all you need to know

Published on 26th May 2021

10 interesting things to know about the lunar eclipse which took place on Friday, the longest one in this century

Taking a bath or washing hair after the eclipse. People have long associated that the negative energy and harmful rays will be washed clean by water

Published on 27th July 2018

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