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How to make your own luck: The perfect balance between karma and our self-confidence

The Coach speaks about how we can balance our own destinies by finding the perfect balance between karma and our self-confidence. Here are a few excerpts from his personal journey

Published on 1st June 2020

What is your locus of control? Here's how it is useful for the youth of today

The term ‘locus of control’ was first used by American psychologist Julian B Rotter in the 1960s to throw light on how the behaviour and attitude of a person affect the outcome of their life

Published on 13th June 2020

E-Canteen Fundas: Don’t let the group do all the talking for you

Pro Tip: Groups influence your views. Be aware, question assumptions and verify facts to make better decisions

Published on 2nd January 2021

E-Canteen Fundas: When things go wrong, be truthful and realistic, don't fool yourselves

Pro Tip: Be aware of the way we fool ourselves with our defensive thinking patterns. When things go wrong, be truthful and realistic. It will help you recover quickly and decide better

Published on 16th January 2021

E-Canteen Fundas: Quit short-term binges for long-term happiness

Pro Tip: The effects of positive and negative changes in your life are relatively short term. You’re better off choosing in favour of things that make you happy in the long term

Published on 23rd January 2021

E-Canteen Fundas: Are you content or just plain complacent?

Pro Tip: For balanced growth, understand the difference between being content and complacent. Be content with what you have, but also work towards achieving your potential

Published on 30th January 2021

Never, ever stay silent! Here's how we can all help abused minors

The recent Bombay HC judgement pertaining to the POCSO Act has irked The Coach and he tells us how we can help abused minors

Published on 5th February 2021

E-canteen Fundas: Make big decisions in the morning. Here's how it helps!

Pro Tip: Decision-making is tiring and a tired mind can lead to poor decisions. Conserve energy by reducing options, making a not-to-do list and making important decisions while fresh

Published on 22nd February 2021

E-Canteen Fundas: Greater ambition, good. Greater greed, not at all!

Be ambitious with your plans. Seek the highest potential in whatever you pursue. When you face challenges, don’t take short cuts or harm others. Look for creative solutions that help everyone

Published on 27th February 2021

Of Wonder and Woman: Here's how we can not only respect but also encourage the women in our lives

Today is Women’s Day and The Coach tells us how we can not only respect but also encourage the women in our lives, every day 

Published on 5th March 2021

Don’t be a copy-cat! Here's the difference between plagiarism and inspiration

The Coach explains the difference between plagiarism and inspiration and how the former should never be anyone’s choice

Published on 13th March 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Don’t be an ‘emergency addict’ and look for shortcuts in life

When you are working in emergency mode, you will tend to look for shortcut answers in life. There is no shortcut to success

Published on 27th March 2021

E-Canteen Fundas: One small step per day, a giant leap for life!

Pro Tips: Design your life so it’s easy to start small, repeat behaviours with marginal improvements every day. Celebrate small wins and share them with others to make the habit stick

Published on 3rd April 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Step away from mind squatters and condition your mind to endure challenges

An active and energetic mind keeps mind squatters from settling down rather than a static mind

Published on 12th April 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Reinforce what you want in life to achieve success in your life

Professional reinforcement will enhance youth’s behaviour, attitude and industry-oriented preparedness

Published on 24th April 2021

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