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E-Canteen Fundas: Commit your contribution for consistent performance 

Pro Tip: Commit concrete performance delivery to your team by setting yourself challenging targetsWhen you commit, you reexamine your process, use all resources efficiently and deliver consistently.

Published on 11th September 2021

E-Canteen Fundas: Accessing peak mental capacity for high performance

Pro Tip: Enhance mental capacity by oscillating between activity and rest. Our most creative work happens when we set thinking aside, so relax periodically

Published on 6th August 2021

E-Canteen Fundas: The energiser bunny in you needs a refresh too

Pro Tip: Physical energy is fundamental to performance. It is impacted by our breathing and eating rhythms. To increase physical energy measures, small changes in food, sleep and hydration help

Published on 26th July 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Read before you sign on dotted lines. Be careful what you sign on for

The moot point here is that as a young graduate, you will have to be sensitised to the fact that you will have to handle contracts with care

Published on 18th July 2021

The Coach: Ain’t no room for violence here. What can parents do about this?

Does your kid have violent tendencies and are friends the problem? Here are tips for parents on what to look out for, right from The Coach

Published on 18th July 2021

E-Canteen Fundas: Learn to hit the pause button and refresh!

Pro Tip: To manage energy, use the oscillation technique — engage in focused work for 90-120 minutes and then disengage for 15 minutes for energy renewal.

Published on 17th July 2021

The fast and the curious: Why you should advise your children to drive responsibly

In light of the recent accidents involving young drivers, The Coach advises parents to teach their children to drive responsibly

Published on 10th July 2021

E-Canteen Fundas: Find pleasure in the process and outcome to get the right result

Pro Tip: To enjoy the journey and get results, focus on the process. Use results to calibrate and adjust the process till you get the right result

Published on 10th July 2021

E-Canteen Fundas: Believe you deserve it and keep 'em coming

Pro Tip: Along with hard work and the right processes, work on deserve-ability. When you believe you deserve the best and expect it, your capacity to receive good expands

Published on 3rd July 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Negotiate things the right way, be a good listener

The key to a good negotiation is to be a good listener. Listen properly and come up with clear answers

Published on 3rd July 2021

E-Canteen Fundas: How about cranking up that energy in here and see positive results in life?

Pro Tip: Energy is everything and vice versa. Change the context of all moments to a high-energy one, act doubly energetic and see positive results in your life

Published on 27th June 2021

E-Canteen Fundas: Are you worth it or not? Your self-worth decides what you allow into your life

Pro Tip: Your self-worth decides what you allow into your life. Increase your self-worth and treat yourself like you’re worthy, accept nothing less

Published on 19th June 2021

Don't use the R-word: Why we should be careful while using a few words in front of a rape victim

People often use many words that could be unintentionally insensitive to a rape victim. The Coach tells us why we should be careful

Published on 19th June 2021

The Trainer Brainer: Your career suits your personality, how would you find out?

In the end, the purpose of this column is to sensitise you as a fresh graduate that you need to look within yourself and approach career development with all seriousness

Published on 12th June 2021

E-Canteen Fundas: Dial up that confidence level to conquer it all

Pro Tip: Self-confidence is a skill and can be built with preparation. Just focus on what you know, work on areas of doubt and back yourself to handle what comes your way

Published on 5th June 2021

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