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How this 29-year-old kept her business and her employees afloat during the lockdown

N Apoorva and her team know the value of jute and the products made from this wonder fibre. That's why this Hyderabad-based entrepreneur uses it to make contemporary products that can be used by all

Published on 23rd March 2021

IIT Madras researchers find copper-covered jute beads could prevent contamination of water, diseases

The researchers have developed easy methods to coat cuprous oxide or copper on little beads of jute that float on water

Published on 18th June 2020

These young entrepreneurs want you to have a blissful and rash-free period. Here's how

Niveda R and Gowtham S have created Bliss pads, eco-friendly sanitary napkins that are made from kenaf fibres which is a well-known substitute for jute - commonly called Deccan hemp or Java jute

Published on 3rd February 2020

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