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How to predict natural disasters accurately? Have IIT Mandi researchers found a way?

A new algorithm using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has been developed by a team of researchers for the purpose

Published on 22nd February 2023

IIT Mandi researchers create groundbreaking material for stealth vehicles and covert establishments

As per the team, the material can absorb a wide range of radar frequencies (signals), irrespective of the direction from which the radar signal hits the target

Published on 6th February 2023

IIT Mandi signs MoU with IAF's HQ to collaborate on R&D in artificial intelligence and machine learning

The MoU will enable activities of mutual visits by officials for discussion on the collaborative projects, and conducting joint brainstorming sessions and workshops

Published on 23rd January 2023

IIT Mandi director's research sheds light on the 'Tragedy Paradox' and explains why sad music helps in tough times

The researchers used electroencephalography (EEG) to measure the brain activity of twenty people under different conditions. They focused on brain regions involved in emotion and memory processing

Published on 16th January 2023

IIT Mandi researches develop system to mitigate damages due to earthquakes

The researchers have devised a method to screen reinforced concrete (RC) buildings in the Indian Himalayan region so that repair work may be prioritised according to the condition of the buildings

Published on 25th November 2022

NIT Hamirpur and IIT Mandi sign MoU on research and academic workshops

This agreement will enhance the quality of students at the two institutes, said NIT-Hamirpur Registrar Prof Vinod Kumar

Published on 29th September 2022

IIT Mandi researchers seek to solve the problem of potential shortage in wireless spectrums

IIT Mandi researchers seek to solve the problem of potential shortage in wireless spectrums

Published on 2nd June 2022

IIT Mandi signs MoU with NSDC in bid to enhance Indian youth's tech skills

NSDC to look after the design and conceptualisation of the programme and oversee on-ground overall training and deployment of candidates


Published on 23rd May 2022

How hydrochar derived from orange peels was used by IIT Mandi researchers for biofuel precursors

In the renewable energy community, there is a lot of interest in developing energy-efficient processes which will help convert biomass into useful chemicals

Published on 23rd February 2022

IIT Mandi gets its second full-time Director. Here's all you need to know about him

Currently at IIT Kanpur, Prof Behera has supervised 22 PhD candidates to completion and has authored three graduate-level textbooks

Published on 13th January 2022

Four of India's biggest IITs - Madras, Delhi, Indore and Mandi - get new directors. Here are the details

IIT Madras had topped the National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) rankings 2021 in the engineering category. IIT Delhi was placed second, IIT Indore 10th, while IIT Mandi had the 31st rank

Published on 11th January 2022

IIT Mandi researchers believe that these states will be worst affected by Omicron and this wave of COVID

According to the study, the hotspots of the pandemic in India have been states with high international migration and districts located close to large water bodies

Published on 6th January 2022

Attention Indian start-ups: Get an opportunity to be incubated at IIT Mandi's Catalyst. Here's how

Start-ups, innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs can participate in challenges and get an opportunity to win cash prizes worth Rs 5 lakh and funding opportunities of up to Rs 50 lakh

Published on 15th November 2021

IIT researchers develop smart road monitoring system to prevent crashes

The system can be used for speed detection, vehicle counts, enhanced traffic control and road usage

Published on 16th August 2021

IIT Mandi researchers can now say what's ailing crops just by looking at photos of leaves

In order to develop a robust model, healthy and diseased leaf data were collected from fields across Punjab, UP and Himachal Pradesh

Published on 12th July 2021

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