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Check out these uber cool Google Assistant features which are specially designed for your family

Google will now let users automatically remind family that someone needs to water the plants or remind your kids (or spouse) to clean up the house

Published on 7th May 2021

Google to help people find vaccination centres on Search, Maps and Assistant

Shortly after the first phase of vaccinations commenced, Google had rolled out knowledge panels in Google Search that show up for queries relating to the COVID vaccine

Published on 12th March 2021

Tired of being put on hold? Google's new feature will notify you when someone picks up

When you call a toll-free number and a business puts you on hold, Google Assistant can wait on the line for you

Published on 1st October 2020
Google Assistant

Google Assistant's new feature to make those working from home more productive, healthier

The new Workday routine, available in English, makes Google Assistant help you stretch, walk and drink water as you work from home

Published on 24th September 2020
Google Assistant

It's Official. Google Assistant can understand you better than Siri and Alexa

In its annual test, research-driven venture capital firm Loup Ventures found that Google Assistant understood every single query and answered correctly 92.9 per cent of the time

Published on 19th August 2019

Soon, Google Assistant will be able to read WhatsApp texts

If the feature is rolled-out widely, it would let users dictate their replies to messages for these non-Google apps as well

Published on 6th August 2019

The new 'snapshot' feature of Google Assistant will ensure a visual overview of your day's schedule

Google will be adding the new 'snapshot' feature to its Assistant to help you 'see' your everyday schedule, and send you prompt reminders

Published on 18th July 2018

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