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#ThrowbackToday: The choking of George Floyd and how it became the tipping point for #BLM protests

In today's #TBT, we talk about the murder of George Floyd which led to conversations around racism, police brutality and discrimination yet again. Only this time, with some serious consequences...

Published on 25th May 2021

Omaha high school students face disciplinary action for Floyd death reenactment

The students told officials they were reenacting the Floyd killing based on something they saw online but that they had no ill intent

Published on 30th April 2021

Black lives don't matter in the US: George Floyd's brother Philonise Floyd

George Floyd died after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes on May 25. His death has triggered protests against racism and police brutality across the globe

Published on 18th June 2020

Meet the Malayali in NYC whose poster about #BlackLivesMatter went viral

'Malayalis for Black Lives', read a poster in New York City, during the protests following George's Floyd's death. We spoke to Sini Stephan, the woman behind the poster

Published on 9th June 2020

Not COVID-19, but the pandemic of racism killed George Floyd: Family lawyer

Two earlier autopsies found that Floyd's death was a homicide. However, they differed on the question of the cause of death

Published on 5th June 2020

The endemic, structural racism that blights US society needs to be heard: UN Rights Chief 

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said that the grievances at the heart of the protests that have erupted following the death of George Floyd must be addressed

Published on 4th June 2020

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