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Survey reveals most students are looking beyond rankings when applying for higher education abroad

Most Gen Z students now place higher value on programmes that will help them become successful when applying to a university

Published on 20th October 2021

Most Indian millennials, Gen Z consume audio to reduce stress: Report

In India, the report highlights how audio is a more "wholesome" type of content than visual content for both millennials and Zs

Published on 14th July 2021

LinkedIn Report: Women feel flexibility and work-life balance as important as salary, COVID made it evident

About 30 per cent Gen Z professionals were found to be troubled due to lack of jobs, compared to 18 per cent baby boomers

Published on 22nd June 2021

The arrival of Gen Z: Can they reconstruct the workplace of tomorrow?

It was said that millennials, unlike the generation before them, worked for a purpose and not so much for a paycheck, but with Gen Z, the paycheck apparently has made a comeback

Published on 21st August 2018

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