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Fake University

UGC releases a list of 23 fake universities. Full list inside

Eight of these universities are in Uttar Pradesh, followed by Delhi (seven). Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Puducherry have a fake university each

Published on 24th July 2019
Fake Degree Certificates

SFI writes to MHRD and pulls the plug on fake universities offering DLitt degrees to VIPs. Full list inside

The list has nine universities. The organisation has also submitted a letter to the Ministry of Human Resource Development on Thursday

Published on 21st June 2019

Indian students urged to 'exercise due diligence' before taking admission in US varsities 

In January, the US authorities busted a "pay to stay" visa racket and arrested 129 Indian students for enroling at a fake university allegedly to remain in the US.

Published on 12th April 2019
US fake University

US fake University row: Detention hearing begins, only 1 of eight students released on bond

Since it is a high profile case that involves huge amount of data spanning four years, the attorneys are expecting the next hearing will be scheduled with a substantial time gap 

Published on 6th February 2019

People use int'l student programme to foster illegal immigration status: US State Department

The Department of Homeland Security had set up a fake university in Farmington Hills to target foreign students who wanted to stay in the US without proper authorisation

Published on 5th February 2019

Students arrested over fake varsity issue allege torture, Telugu organisations deny

In addition, to providing legal aid, the groups have also visited the detained students and said that though they are placed in detention centres, there was no possibility of anyone being roughed up

Published on 5th February 2019

Indian embassy opens hotline for 129 students detained by US authorities for involvement in fake university case

As many as 129 Indians are among the 130 foreign students arrested for enroling at a fake university allegedly to remain in the US

Published on 2nd February 2019

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