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Meet the Bhopal medical student who has filed over 100 RTIs and is keeping the government on its toes

The last few RTIs filed by him were about how much this government has spent on ads and also how much the NTA has spent on exams

Published on 7th October 2020

NEET, JEE aspirants' data available on public domain, Bhopal medical student seeks CBI probe

Vivek Pandey, a medical student and an RTI activist has listed 17 websites in his letter to the Central Bureau of Investigation

Published on 25th September 2020
Facebook least trusted 2018 Survey

Facebook is the least trusted tech company in 2018: Survey

A series of leaks and scandals have cemented Facebook's position at the top of the world's least trusted tech companies

Published on 30th December 2018

Facebook picks India first to launch its new features for stories format

Among the new features include voice posts, stories archive and the ability to save photos and videos from the Facebook Camera app while avoiding using up space on the user's mobile phone

Published on 17th May 2018

From power grid to traffic signals, every system of the Vijayawada government is prone to hacking

Given the capabilities displayed by the hackers at the recent hackathons organised by the State Government, it is frighteningly clear that they can, if they want, take control of power grids

Published on 30th April 2018

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