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Coach Calling: Today, we talk about the St Xavier's Kolkata Prof who was forced to quit over an Instagram Story

Social media is YOUR SPACE, YOUR PRIVATE SPACE, wherein, YOU CHOOSE to share information with whom you like. Period!

Published on 14th August 2022

Coach Calling: Feeling blindsided by life's curve balls? Fall back on these three solid tips to stay in control

The first step is to remember WHY we started down this path in the first place, our intent and motivation behind it

Published on 6th August 2022

Coach Calling: While demand for postponement of entrance exams is going up, always have a Plan B

It makes a lot of sense to ask the government to intervene and postpone the exams. But always remember when changes like these are being asked for, it has to be FOOLPROOF

Published on 25th June 2022

Coach Calling: Where we offer a different take on 'Spare the rod, spoil the child' 

One aspect of corporal punishment that no one really talks about is the manner in which it makes a kid VENGEFUL

Published on 23rd July 2022

Coach Calling: Students, when all else fails, including protests, try this three-point strategy 

How do we get the results when peaceful protests don't go our way? Well, here are three strategies that should definitely help get better results.

Published on 2nd July 2022

Coach Calling: Students, giving betterment exams can be stressful. These tips can help you tide over

After failing, re-attempting examinations is a different ball game altogether. But go forth and conquer with tips from our very own, The Coach 

Published on 18th June 2022

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