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The future is AI: How this Chennai Robotics company is helping kids take up coding  

Sneha Priya, CEO, SP Robotic Works, tells us why their new drone-based course will not only make coding fun for kids, but also equip them with critical skills required for future career development

Published on 14th November 2019

Take it in your stride: Here's how you can leap over your limitations

Nicholas Francis tells us how we can convert negatives into positives for excellent career development

Published on 3rd November 2019

Know your social self: How one should be well-versed with the social environment around them to achieve success

A positive quality of the ‘social self’ is that it gives you a good start during the initial stages of career development

Published on 1st June 2019
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Graduates must do some "soul searching" before they choose their careers

It is necessary for the young graduates to have an insight as to what is expected of them in the job environment and get oriented in it.

Published on 11th September 2018

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