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Kerala University students asked to sit for a retest after authorities 'lose result sheets'

The universities later declared the results of the students based on the old paper but never explained how the blunder happened

Published on 27th March 2018

Students at govt school in Madurai find free uniforms unfit to wear

The state government has offered free uniforms, in five different sizes, for the students enrolled under the free nutritious noon meal provided in government and aided schools since 1985

Published on 27th March 2018

Without spaces to play, Tiruchy's youth find their spot on Cauvery Bed

Parks are either left to die or are being upgraded to the latest digi-fad, leaving children cramping up in open, danger-prone zones to engage in physical sports

Published on 27th March 2018

These Bengaluru school students will let you withdraw money without using your ATM card

Five students of Oakridge International School, Bengaluru have developed a technology that helps you withdraw money by using your mobile phone

Published on 27th March 2018

What the F...acebook: 4 things you can do to feel safe on FB in a post-Cambridge Analytica world

Worried that your online shenanigans are out there? Or if your credit card details are with some crook. Fret not. Try these 4 things to feel a wee bit safer

Published on 26th March 2018

Group of youngsters beaten, harassed by alleged BJP men

The three BJP workers allegedly attacked the three boys from other religions after speculating that the girls in the group were Hindus

Published on 26th March 2018

In Vijayawada, private school teachers are going door-to-door marketing for admissions

Many teachers admit that they go to their students' houses to interact, which is where they locate parents of children studying in different schools

Published on 26th March 2018

Meet Sameer Khan, the man who uses poems for healing at old age homes and orphanages 

Poet and storyteller, Sameer Khan will soon tour India to defeat sorrow and bring joy to those who need it

Published on 26th March 2018

Humans of Andhra wants young people to get out of their bubbles and help the State

Rachana Choudary Tummala through her page, Humans of Andhra, wants to show you the Andhra Pradesh she knows and loves

Published on 26th March 2018

Popular NIMS medico's sudden suicide shocks ward boys, colleagues at hospital

No suicide note and the fact that Dr P Siva Teja Reddy was adored by most of the staff and teachers in the college has left the police and family members clueless about the reason of his sudden death

Published on 26th March 2018

80 plates shared by 580 kids in Hyderabad Govt School, DEO says 'bring your own plates'

The students are surrounded by a sicky environment and have to share plates and serve themselves during lunch, besides having debris fly around them

Published on 26th March 2018

Mangaluru school makes SSLC kids rewrite Kannada exam after giving them the wrong question paper first

The Kannada paper that was meant for repeaters was mistakenly handed to regular students and the mistake may not have come to light if a student hadn't mentioned that a question was tough

Published on 26th March 2018

Now, Meghalaya schoolgirls to be taught to kick sexual abusers by Karate champ Linza Syiem

The move comes after the Delhi police initiated something similar and aims to bring power, empowerment and protection to women in the district

Published on 26th March 2018

We felt betrayed: JNU researcher recounts how the police assaulted them on ‘Black Friday'

You’ve seen the pictures. You’ve heard the screams. Now, hear a blow-by-blow account of how the Delhi Police dismantled JNU’s March to Parliament

Published on 26th March 2018

Make your vacation eventful: Internshala launches Online Summer Internship Fair 2018

With over 2.5 Mn students and 80K organisations registered on Internshala, a student can search and apply for an internship as well as get trained on skills needed to get an internship

Published on 26th March 2018

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