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How Uday launched two books for the 'Great Indian Corporate Professional' on one day

Writing one book is a task in the age of the WhatsApp forward. Imagine writing two. That is exactly what Udayakumar Gopalakrishnan did

Published on 25th October 2018

MTech student found hanging in IIT-Kharagpur hostel

This is the first death in the premier institute nearly after a year. Four students of the institute had committed suicide last year

Published on 25th October 2018

Have a story? This DIY publishing platform now allows aspiring authors to publish their book in 30 minutes flat

Notion Press' Xpress Publishing is a do-it-yourself publishing platform to help authors create and publish their books. And do it incredibly fast

Published on 25th October 2018

Online casino games may up gambling risk in young: Study

Called social casino games, they let people try their hand at casino table games, slots, poker or bingo without betting real money

Published on 25th October 2018

Human skeleton found inside a tank in MCD school in New Delhi

Police said a skull and some bones were recovered from the tank after a few labourers involved in the cleaning spotted it and immediately alerted the school administration

Published on 25th October 2018

My books are part of Columbia University's syllabus, why not DU: Kancha Ilaiah on the issue of his books being removed from DU 

The writer said it was imperative for students to study the lives of the oppressed classes and their contribution to the economy of the country

Published on 25th October 2018
Paul Rosolie, Eaten Alive, Discovery

Discovery's Eaten Alive guy is writing the 21st-century Jungle Book. Here's why it's awesome

Paul Rosolie's second book titled The Girl and the Tiger is set in India and talks about how to solve the man-animal conflict

Published on 25th October 2018

New AI app for deaf translates sign language into speech in real time

The app, called GnoSys, uses neural networks and computer vision to recognise the video of sign language speaker, and then smart algorithms translate it into speech

Published on 25th October 2018
MOP Vaishnav

AFSTI Chennai conducts a workshop on Food Business Initiative at MOP Vaishnav College 

The workshop covered the finer aspects of starting up a food business through experts from regulatory bodies, funding associates and entrepreneurs from the food industry

Published on 25th October 2018

These women from Trivandrum have made it their mission to fight for equality

 The voices behind Samam speak about fighting for equality following the recent political climate

Published on 25th October 2018

Discovery channel to premiere a special series on Kashmir's High Altitude Warfare School

The show on Discovery Channel is first of its kind on Indian Television detailing the rigours of training at HAWS

Published on 25th October 2018

Here's what stress could do to your brain

The findings have been published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology

Published on 25th October 2018

Why the Tent School is the place to be for kids of Karnataka's mahouts, every Dasara

Tents are often associated with circuses. Despite it's rather humble overhead cover, albeit inside the grand Mysore Palace, Tent School is actually a godsend for children of mahouts during Dasara

Published on 25th October 2018

When the Pattarai lost its Patriarch: Why Na Muthuswamy's passing was met with silence and parai-attam

The theatre artist breathed his last after suffering from age-related illnesses, he was a pioneer in Tamil theatre

Published on 25th October 2018

School syllabi should be halved for children to take part in extra-curricular activities: Venkaiah Naidu

The Vice President said, while it is good to learn the facts and theories from books, it is more important to be able to understand the concepts behind them, to gauge their practical applications

Published on 24th October 2018

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