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Coach Calling: Students, addiction can be a menace but here's the way out 

Out of more than a decade of experience, the one thing that I can bet my life on is how people get ADDICTED in the beginning

Published on 11th November 2022

Coach Calling: Canada lifted restriction on work hours but here's how to use them best

Studying abroad can be both stressful and fun. Here are the mantras for sure-shot success for students in foreign countries

Published on 5th November 2022

Coach Calling: Unlearning discrimination in the light of the clash between Nigerian and Indian students

We can definitely UNLEARN it and RE-LEARN one-ness, which will not only make our lives wholesome, but truly humane

Published on 25th October 2022

Coach Calling: NIT Trichy's girl students stood up for their issues. Here's how other girls can do it too

I think it's about time that what is PREACHED is PRACTICED and the reduction of the GENDER GAP begins in educational institutions, to begin with 

Published on 20th October 2022

Coach Calling: Students, stay cyber secure by following these helpful tips 

I am definitely not going to talk about the generic precautions to be taken, like installing anti-virus, setting up a firewall and so on, but I will address the three main challenges

Published on 15th October 2022

Coach Calling: Tips and tricks to ask the right questions in the right way

If we didn't question ourselves and others, there would be absolutely no improvement whatsoever in many aspects of our lives

Published on 10th October 2022

Coach Calling: To pursue education abroad or not — if that's the question, these tips might help

Always remember the endgame and WHY YOU ARE THERE. Focus on your goals and do your best to not stray

Published on 26th September 2022

Coach Calling: Ukraine-returned medical students, this is why you all are HEROES 

You lived! You survived! You made it HOME SAFE! You're the PERSONIFICATION of HOPE! On top of all this, you've all pulled up your socks and still tried your level best

Published on 19th September 2022

Coach Calling: JEE Advanced, NEET UG results are out! Did not score what you were expecting? Then read this!

You ALSO need to remember that if you didn't fare well, then you perhaps were in the WRONG COMPETITION to begin with

Published on 13th September 2022

Coach Calling: Developing a strong moral compass as a youngster and learning to stand up for what's right

Not just that, we also need to develop the ability to ACT UPON OUR MORAL COMPASS which will ensure that we will preserve HUMANITY and remain HUMANE

Published on 4th September 2022

Coach Calling: Death of a friend can be soul-crushing. Here's how you can start to deal with the loss

The end (of our lives) is one aspect of life that often isn't in our control and most often, arrives when we least expect it

Published on 29th August 2022

Coach Calling: Students, this is how you deal with teachers who hurl verbal abuse and slurs 

Dear teachers, we have to LEAD by EXAMPLE and take immense responsibility towards building our nation, I humbly request you to ensure that we help our YOUNG MINDS unlock their potential

Published on 21st August 2022

Coach Calling: Today, we talk about the St Xavier's Kolkata Prof who was forced to quit over an Instagram Story

Social media is YOUR SPACE, YOUR PRIVATE SPACE, wherein, YOU CHOOSE to share information with whom you like. Period!

Published on 14th August 2022

Coach Calling: Feeling blindsided by life's curve balls? Fall back on these three solid tips to stay in control

The first step is to remember WHY we started down this path in the first place, our intent and motivation behind it

Published on 6th August 2022

Coach Calling: While demand for postponement of entrance exams is going up, always have a Plan B

It makes a lot of sense to ask the government to intervene and postpone the exams. But always remember when changes like these are being asked for, it has to be FOOLPROOF

Published on 25th June 2022

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