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Police bands across Tamil Nadu will soon play for the public in new reach-out initiative

The police bands, which till now have never performed for the public will now appear at malls, parks, beaches and other areas that attract the common crowd in order to connect 

Published on 7th February 2018

Your days will not be numbered if you give Data Science a shot in life

Data scientists are responsible for mining complex data and providing systems-related advice to the organisation. The role includes ways to incorporate vast information with a focus on IT

Published on 7th February 2018

Powering the world without choking it can be quite fulfilling

Renewable energy engineers focuses on alternative energy and a clean slate towards making them a widespread reality

Published on 7th February 2018

The skills the world will need in case of an emergency

In addition to managing the effects of a disaster, disaster management aims to raise awareness and preparedness of such occurrences — especially those caused by climate change

Published on 7th February 2018

Why designing will never go out of vogue even when the machines rule

Designers have the unique ability to identify problems, situate themselves within multiple contexts, use ambidextrous thinking and synthesise information using logic and lateral thinking

Published on 7th February 2018

Why you will definitely need counsel of the legal kind in the future

When it comes to marriage, divorce, succession, property disputes and other civil issues, Personal Law is bound to grow by leaps and bounds

Published on 7th February 2018

Wondering what to do and where to eat in Hyderabad? This Instagram handle will guide you

Run by true blue Hyderabadis Manasi Chaudhari, who is a lawyer by profession, and Pallak Sancheti, who owns an advertising agency, Hyderabuddy handle has over 2,000 followers

Published on 5th February 2018

DUSU joint secretary Uma Shankar fails exams. What will happen to his seat? 

Reportedly and as per the university's norms, the joint secretary is also bound to lose his position in the office

Published on 31st January 2018

This headmaster from Villupuram begs his students to study, quite literally

G Balu takes it upon himself to individually visit the students and their families in their homes and discuss why they are unable to study, he feels kindness goes a long way in helping people change

Published on 31st January 2018

Airpocalypse alert: 47 million children in India have already become victims of pollution 

According to a report generated by the Greenpeace India, out of 630 million about 550 million people live in areas exceeding national standards for PM10

Published on 30th January 2018

Here's how NSDC's knack of skilling has created a revolution in the field of education

Rajiv Mathur gives us an insight into how the NSDC is planning to launch Dreams into Reality, an initiative that'll help students get a feel of the sector they would like to work in

Published on 29th January 2018

Feminism is about building toilets for women, fighting honour killing: Kanimozhi

DMK Women's Wing President Kanimozhi says that feminism cannot be restricted to #MeToo campaigns, they are also about fighting for basic facilities for women

Published on 27th January 2018

Kaur agenda: Why Kawalpreet Kaur will always be a symbol of student dissent in Delhi

Remember the girl whose picture was morphed by a Pakistan Defence account. She's not just a victim. She's a firebrand student activist who's creating waves. Her name is Kaur

Published on 25th January 2018

This workshop will surely help you crack the IIT JEE 2020

IIT Supergroup is organising a workshop called IIT or Nothing for the young IIT aspirants

Published on 25th January 2018

Kentucky Shooting: Teen opens fire in high school and kills two, arrested

The anti-violence group Everytown for Gun Safety has counted at least 283 shootings at schools since 2013

Published on 24th January 2018

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