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Meet the Hyderabad students who bagged top honours at this int'l astronomy challenge

Oregunta Sai Varun from Geethanjali College of Engineering and Technology and Sathwik Bikumalla from LPU participated in International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition (IAAC 2021)

Published on 28th July 2021

Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic tourism spacecraft to launch on Sunday, Jeff Bezos' to follow on July 20

Virgin Galactic is all set to launch Richard Branson and three others to the edge of space and will soon be followed by Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin spaceflight 

Published on 11th July 2021

Rare supernova shining with borrowed energy source spotted by Indian researchers

Deep study of such ancient spatial objects can help probe the mysteries of the early universe

Published on 10th July 2021

ISRO and CII to organise international conference on space

The digital conference will be on the theme 'Building NewSpace in India' with an aim to facilitate and strengthen industry's participation in manufacturing of satellites and launch vehicles

Published on 10th July 2021

Lovely Professional University develops a professional space station for satellite tracking

The space station will help track multiple satellites and collect real time satellite images, help locate vehicles and communicate with mobile assets

Published on 9th July 2021

What the FAQ: Europe will soon send a robotic arm to space. Here's all you need to know

In today's FAQ, we talk about the Robotic Arm being sent to space. Here's all you need to know about what's going to happen, what its functions are and more

Published on 8th July 2021

New Chinese satellite to help monitor sea surface temperatures and global snow coverage 

In addition, the satellite will monitor solar and space environments and their effects, as well as ionospheric data to meet the needs of space weather forecasts and supporting services

Published on 5th July 2021

What the FAQ: How did an adorable, stuffed penguin #LearntoFly in a rocket launch?

On a recent video that was tweeted by a US-based astronaut, Guin Guin, a stuffed penguin was accompanying the space crew. Here's how ended up in space

Published on 3rd July 2021
Research Scholars SCIENTIST

A new source of gravitational waves detected by scientists 

Gravitational waves are produced when celestial objects collide and the ensuing energy creates ripples in the fabric of space-time which carry all the way to detectors on Earth

Published on 2nd July 2021

The life and times of Lakshya Subodh: TEDx speaker, footballer and vlogger 

Having recently entered into the vlogging space, Lakshya Subodh talks about his decision, his content and future plans

Published on 30th June 2021

IIT Madras researchers develop drone algorithms to determine how fire behaves in space stations, satellites

The team claims that at present, generating microgravity (gravity experienced is close to zero) is possible only through space stations, satellites, space shuttles, sounding rockets, and drop towers

Published on 27th June 2021

What The FAQ: From Lyka to baby squids, why we have been sending animals to space since 1947

We humans have been sending all sorts of animals to space since the 1940s. The latest being baby squids that glow in the dark

Published on 22nd June 2021

Astronauts aboard International Space Station deploy new solar arrays to power research, orbiting

NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough and ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Thomas Pesquet in their eighth spacewalk of the year outside the ISS deployed the new ISS Roll-Out Solar Array (iROSA)

Published on 21st June 2021

NATO world leaders ready to jointly respond to attacks in space 

The leaders said they consider that attacks to, from, or within space could be a challenge to NATO that threatens national and Euro-Atlantic prosperity, security and stability

Published on 15th June 2021

#ThrowbackToday: How the first primate in space met a gruesome death

In today's #TBT, here's remembering all those animals sent to space, especially Albert II, totally the most illustrious of them all. Here's more about what and who followed after this primate  

Published on 14th June 2021

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