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English Blues: Here's how a sentence that is ambiguous can have more than one interpretation

A sentence that is ambiguous can have more than one interpretation. The sentence ‘Call me a taxi’ can be interpreted in two different ways because the word ‘call’ has more than one meaning

Published on 8th May 2021

English Blues: What do the words stay and safe mean when put together in a sentence?

How a friendly farewell expression has become a piece of advice or a warning shows that the language evolves as per changing situations

Published on 1st May 2021

English Blues: Do you consider yourself a pundamentalist, punphile or a punatic?

A pun can be defined as the use of a word that either has multiple meanings or sounds like other words, the result of which is humorous. It is a gentle form of humour

Published on 24th April 2021

English Blues: Is it ‘none is’ or ‘none are’, which is grammatically correct?

Should none be followed by a singular or plural verb? Let's look at its grammatical correctness

Published on 12th April 2021

English Blues: What do words like Vaxhole, Sputniked, Pfizered mean?

A friend of mine in Russia was Sputniked and another friend in the US was Pfizered. Whenever some nouns are used as verbs by a prominent person in the news, the media starts highlighting them

Published on 27th March 2021

English Blues: What do the words ‘scanty’ and ‘sketchy’ mean in a sentence?

The word ‘toolkit’ has been used frequently recently ever since Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg through her tweets voiced solidarity with the protesting Indian farmers

Published on 27th February 2021

English Blues: Don’t make these errors on Twitter!

The authentic language produced by social media users who have different levels of proficiency serves as a good resource. Here's how one can make sure they tweet correctly

Published on 22nd February 2021

English Blues: The language and art of arguments and how to earn those skills

Asking students to write argumentative essays is a good way of testing their thinking and argumentative skills. An argumentative essay uses facts and evidence to support the argument it is making

Published on 5th February 2021

English Blues: What are the characteristics of a good argument and why?

While disagreeing with those who have views contrarian to theirs, they neither show feelings of prejudice nor indulge in personal attacks

Published on 30th January 2021

English Blues: Here's how to keep your language positive, encourage others to do so

Stating things differently in a way that is pleasant to the ears of the speaker and the listener/reader is an art that great communicators are good at

Published on 23rd January 2021
English learning

The art of giving positive feedback: How to use words like 'Well done', 'Great job' and more

Positive feedback is given to someone who has accomplished something or has tasted success. Whether a person gives positive or negative feedback, they should be constructive in their approach

Published on 2nd January 2021
English words

Words beyond literal meanings: What does the word couch potato mean?

What is the meaning of the term punching bag? Literally, a punching bag or punchbag is a stuffed cylindrical leather bag that is hung on a rope

Published on 12th December 2020
Teaching English

Asking for and giving directions: The best way to check one's English speaking skills

Google Maps gives voice directions and learners of English can use the voice guidance feature to become familiar with the phrases/expressions used for giving directions

Published on 5th December 2020

The evolving English language: What do 20th century acronyms like LOL, FYI, TTYL mean?

Many acronyms and abbreviations have become a part of our vocabulary. The most widely used acronym now is COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019)

Published on 28th November 2020

Enhancing English language skills: Why it is important to develop our receptive skills

The purpose of giving these three statements was to highlight the importance of receptive skills which are neglected by most English language teachers

Published on 7th November 2020

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