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Saffron Herndon

Saffron Herndon is only 13 but we bet she's funnier than most adults on the comedy scene

A middle schooler from Dallas, Saffron Herndon began performing stand up comedy in 2013, when she was 8 — and she's now tearing up the internet, even though people wonder if she's got a ghost-writer

Published on 29th November 2018
Saikiran Rayaprolu

Here's what Stand-up comedian Saikiran Rayaprolu is doing for the Telugu comedy scene in Hyderabad

Woody Allen, who used to pursue stand-up comedy before becoming a director, is Rayaprolu's favourite stand-up comedian

Published on 3rd November 2018
Comedians Rajiv Rajaram & Utsav Chakraborty

Comedians Rajiv Rajaram and Utsav Chakraborty remind us that as long as we have our voices, we can make a difference

At the 12th edition of The Park's New Festival, these comedians were performing along with a host of other artists

Published on 29th September 2018
Stand-up comedian Zakir Khan

Stand-up comedian Zakir Khan goes back to school with his latest comedy act, Kaksha Gyarvi

Zakir Khan was in Bhubaneswar recently to perform his comedy act Kaksha Gyarvi and we caught up with him to ask about his jokes and their desi tadka

Published on 29th September 2018
LOLbagh standup comedy show

Bengaluru-based stand-up comedy group 'LOLbagh' is the first of its kind to perform shows in Kannada

These techies perform a stand-up comedy show in Kannada and have already logged more than 50 shows across Karnataka. They have now formed another group, LOLbagh and Sons, with four new inductees

Published on 20th September 2018
Surina and Mel

Why Surina and Mel are the brown girls you've been waiting to watch on American TV

The stars of Surina and Mel speak about the importance of representation and weaving their personal stories into the comedy

Published on 28th August 2018

Nobel Prize-winning novelist V S Naipaul dies at the age of 85

Turning from the comedy that began his career, Naipaul cast a steely eye on the shards of empire in a series of novels and travelogues

Published on 12th August 2018

Meet Navin Noronha, India's first openly gay stand-up comedian who is also an engineering graduate

For Navin Noronha, getting on stage and doing comedy, be it for five people or for 500 people, is a therapeutic experience

Published on 11th August 2018

Inside the incredibly funny mind of Varun Thakur and Vicky 'very pretty' Malhotra

Varun Thakur talks about his comedy career, films and obviously, Vicky Malhotra

Published on 22nd June 2018

These comedians tell us how 'improv comedy' makes one more empathetic

We talk to the members of The Improv, Schitzengiggles Comedy and The Improvisers, who tell us how Improv comedy made them more empathetic humans

Published on 8th June 2018

Meet American stand-up comic Jeremy McLellan, a man Muslims love and 'bhakts' hate

McLellan was recently named one of the 'fresh faces' of comedy and is particularly popular in the Muslim community for speaking about issues that they face

Published on 9th May 2018

Thanks to these two groups, Bhubaneswar is the latest city to be smitten by stand-up comedy

Bhubaneswar Komedians and The Chain Jokers are the champions of stand-up comedy culture in the city. Here's their secret

Published on 17th April 2018

Remember the Bengaluru stand-up comic who performed for one person? Here's his story

Shridhar Venkataramana went on to be a sport and performed for the one woman who turned up or the show. He explains how this isn't something new and why open mics aren't a cakewalk 

Published on 16th April 2018

Here's how an Indian beatboxer and a Jordanian artist managed to create a viral YouTube channel 

Edexlive spoke to comedy duo Jordindian about making people laugh and what brought them together into the comedy world

Published on 22nd January 2018

People have told me my accent is fake at least 100 times: Sanjay Manaktala

The stand-up comedian who got the scene moving in Bengaluru years ago talks about how he actually grew up in the US and how his accent isn't as much fake as it is natural!

Published on 5th December 2017

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