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Career advice 101: How you can grow laterally and move higher up on the ladder

To make the best out of lateral career opportunities in your professional life, you need to get into the right kind of mindset which enables you to make necessary adjustments in terms of skill set

Published on 16th November 2019

The future is AI: How this Chennai Robotics company is helping kids take up coding  

Sneha Priya, CEO, SP Robotic Works, tells us why their new drone-based course will not only make coding fun for kids, but also equip them with critical skills required for future career development

Published on 14th November 2019

Take it in your stride: Here's how you can leap over your limitations

Nicholas Francis tells us how we can convert negatives into positives for excellent career development

Published on 3rd November 2019

The Trainer Brainer: Here’s why you need to master critical thinking 

To survive in this new era, there is a need for young people to be equipped with an important skill called critical thinking

Published on 5th October 2019

The trainer brainer: Here's why you must be open to any change

Adaptation to change is considered important for the youth since if they are not open to change and prepared to go along with it, they will be left behin

Published on 21st September 2019

Negotiation is important and it can pave the way for greater success. Here's how

When you negotiate, you express your core values in terms of your abilities to the employers, which will make them sensitised towards the same

Published on 31st August 2019
Indian Institute of Technology Madras

From Seattle to Helsinki, alumni to celebrate 60 years of IIT Madras in 83 cities across the world

Students from the very first batch in 1964 to the latest graduates will participate in the celebrations and take a walk down 60 years of memory

Published on 9th July 2019

Career thoughts and inventory: How to effectively use it to know what you are best at

The start to any career inventory begins from your own self-knowledge in terms of positive thoughts that motivate you towards a successful career

Published on 8th June 2019

Know your social self: How one should be well-versed with the social environment around them to achieve success

A positive quality of the ‘social self’ is that it gives you a good start during the initial stages of career development

Published on 1st June 2019

Don’t let failure drag you down: To set an attainable goal for yourself is what matters

Make sure that you set realistic goals for your career. Aim high but be practical. Every goal needs to have time and energy spent to achieve it

Published on 11th May 2019
Self Assessment

Here's why the foundation of your career development lies in your ability to self assess

Self-assessment can help an individual make informed decisions as well

Published on 6th May 2019

Confused about what career path to take? Here are a few pointers on coping up with anxiety

Nicholas Francis a Human Resource  mentor talks about how you can plan your career path without that hint of anxiety 

Published on 27th April 2019

How good is your career competency? Here's how you can develop it and achieve success

It is high time that graduates start looking beyond their classrooms and into the world of career opportunities

Published on 6th April 2019

What are the ways to forge lasting relationships at your workplace?

In today's competitive world, knowing how to form and maintain professional bonds can give you the edge

Published on 15th March 2019

The art of possibility thinking: How you can master this mental mechanism to succeed

Possibility thinking is a very powerful mental mechanism that could make an individual look at all the positive outcomes from any given situation

Published on 1st January 2019

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