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Australia's Pandemic Visa/Subclass 408 Visa for international students to be scrapped

The visa was introduced during the height of the pandemic in 2020 to plug labour shortages and support international students who were unable to leave the country

Published on 1st September 2023

India student in Australia killed as his bike collides with SUV

Akshay Deepak Doultani, a Mumbai native was pursuing a master's degree in Australia at Macquarie University

Published on 3rd August 2023
What does this mean for Indian students there?

Sydney housing crisis: What it means for Indian students studying there? What are varsities doing?

Despite the challenges posed by the housing crisis in Sydney, there is reason for optimism, so don't worry students 

Published on 18th July 2023

Australia's new student visa changes explained in detail by expert

Further, the country is also planning to smoothen the path to permanent residency, as it is overhauling its immigration system to meet worker shortages

Published on 8th July 2023
This is what happened

Australian students conclude garment manufacturing skill course from Centurion University

The aim and outcome of this programme is to produce confident and capable apparel manufacturing masters who could gain suitable employment

Published on 12th June 2023
After four Australian universities ban Indian students, other two have done so

Visa fraud concerns lead two more Australian universities to ban Indian students 

The rejection rate when it comes to Indian applications is 24.3%, the highest since the year 2012.

Published on 24th May 2023

Australian government to scrap Covid Visa, will impact Indian students

The Covid work visa was initially introduced to provide relief for foreign students in Australia who were unable to leave the country during border closures.

Published on 17th May 2023

Australian University denies imposing bans or restrictions on Indian student applications

In response to a surge of fraudulent applications, universities in Australia are rumoured to be placing a ban on Indian students  

Published on 20th April 2023

Several Australian universities impose restrictions on Indian students. Here's why

Amidst a surge in applications, "There has also been a surge in non-genuine students," said an expert

Published on 19th April 2023

#WhatTheFAQ: India vs Australia Test series — Social media abuzz as Indian and Australian Prime Ministers watch match

As of March 8, India was in the lead with two wins in the series, while Australia had won one match. However, in the third test match, Australia emerged victorious with a nine-wicket win

Published on 9th March 2023

IFSCA receives an application from Australia's Deakin University to set up campuses in India

As per sources, If the application is approved by the IFSCA, Deakin will be the first foreign university to establish its campus in India

Published on 28th February 2023

#WhatTheFAQ: Former Australian cricketer Ricky Ponting says, I am all shiny and new this morning. Here's why

It was in 2008 that the Aussie cricketer debuted as a team player for the Kolkata Knight Riders franchise. Now, he is associated with Delhi Capitals as head coach

Published on 3rd December 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: Why are Boxing Day games trending? What is their significance?

The Boxing Day games are a significant part of post-Christmas celebrations. The matches will continue well into January 2023

Published on 28th December 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: David Warner is trending for lashing out against his leadership ban. What's it all about?

David Warner lashed out at Cricket Australia on Monday, November 21, expressing his frustration over the governing body's decision to change its code of conduct

Published on 22nd November 2022

Ministry of External Affairs demands stabbing incident of Indian student in Aus be 'dealt with seriously'

The incident took place on October 6. The injured student is undergoing treatment at a hospital and local authorities have taken a suspect into custody, reported local media

Published on 14th October 2022

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