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Child death

Over 30,000 children risk death in famine-hit Tigray: United Nations

UNICEF spokespoerson said the UN children's agency was working with other organisations to help address the crisis, but was lacking access to large parts of the region.

Published on 11th June 2021

UN says pandemic will affect employment market for years 

The International Labour Organisation said that all countries have suffered a sharp deterioration in employment and national income

Published on 3rd June 2021

Why can't teachers like me teach in government schools? The question that led Jyoti Thyagarajan to start Meghshala 

What does it mean for kids in gov't schools to get quality education? Rashmi Patil speaks to Jyoti Thyagarajan, Founder of Meghshala, a nonprofit organisation that's helping gov't school teachers enha

Published on 2nd June 2021

English Blues: What do the words off roster, rostered days off mean?

The word ‘roster’ can be used as a noun and as a verb. ‘Roster’, as a noun, means a list of people who work for a particular organisation or who have been assigned particular jobs

Published on 29th May 2021

India supports call for detailed studies on the origins of Coronavirus

In March, the World Health Organisation (WHO) came out with a report on the origins of the virus but it had failed to meet the expectations of the US and several other leading countries

Published on 28th May 2021

British Council invites applications for Future News Worldwide 2021 aimed at aspiring journalists

Applications are now open for Future News Worldwide 2021, a prestigious international online conference run by the British Council in partnership with some of the world’s leading media organisations

Published on 27th May 2021

Human Rights Watch pushes Japan to update archaic law on changing gender 

Human Rights Watch said that the requirements contradict Japan's international human rights obligations and are opposed by the World Health Organization and other medical organisations

Published on 25th May 2021

What The FAQ: Is it safe to vaccinate kids against COVID-19? Which countries have implemented it?

In today's FAQ, we speak about vaccination for children, which countries have taken it up already and what does World Health Organisation say about it

Published on 22nd May 2021

Save the Children pledges to protect a million children and their families against the pandemic

The organisation has procured and is distributing 700 oxygen concentrators to public health centres across 11 states

Published on 21st May 2021

ABVP wants exams cancelled in JNU. Is the RSS' student wing trying to replace JNUSU?

In the last few days, the organisation had also sent another letter, asking the university to vaccinate all its students and extend the current semester

Published on 13th May 2021

These Kerala students helped nearly 600 older people get registered on CoWIN for their vax shot. Here's how

Four volunteers of an organisation Dhisha have helped around 160 people get vaccinated in Kerala. Here's how

Published on 12th May 2021

Govt teachers in Tamil Nadu to donate whopping Rs 125 Crore for COVID relief. Here's how  

Teachers who are members of various organisations have come forward to donate a day's salary to the CM's relief fund

Published on 11th May 2021

This hydrogel by Swedish researchers treats wounds and also protects against resistant bacteria

The new material offers great hope for combating a growing global problem. The World Health Organisation describes antibiotic-resistant bacteria as one of the greatest threats to global health

Published on 11th May 2021

Did you know that Kim Kardashian has a rescued cow named after her?

She was named Kim by the organisation to thank the American reality TV star, a mother of four, for her compassion to mothers of all species by promoting dairy-free diet

Published on 7th May 2021

At least 80% Indian companies struggle to educate employees on cybersecurity, finds new survey

Despite increasing cyberattacks, budgets on cybersecurity have remained stagnant and executive teams continue to underestimate the level of damage threats can do to organisations

Published on 4th May 2021

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