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IIT Madras and Isro join forces to train India's next generation of space pioneers

The collaboration will result in modelling and simulation of human physiology and space systems, outreach activities, and training of ISRO scientists in the field of Extended Reality

Published on 6th February 2023

Interact with ISRO scientists at National Space Science Exhibition in Kolkata

People will have the chance to interact with space scientists and industry entrepreneurs among others at the National Space Science Exhibition from December 6

Published on 5th December 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: The historic Mangalyaan bids adieu after eight long years

India's maiden interplanetary probe has lost contact with ISRO after orbiting Mars and relaying data for eight years. We take a look back at what made Mangalyaan so iconic

Published on 3rd October 2022

Private school in Kolkata to launch its own nano-satellite, signs agreement with ITCA

The satellite will be launched by South Point High School, which is a part of the MP Birla Group. The project is a part of the government's 75 Students' Satellites Mission 2022

Published on 4th August 2022

AzaadiSAT satellite all set for launch onboard ISRO's SSLV. Proud moment for India's girls 

The project, with a mission life of six months, is the launch of a satellite weighing 8 kg that was built by 750 girl students from 75 schools across India

Published on 29th July 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: Why was late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam known as People's President?

From Rameshwaram to being the people's man, here's all you need to know about the People's President and the Missile Man of India

Published on 27th July 2022

MS Ramaiah University in Bengaluru set to launch student satellite this August

The satellite will weigh slightly over a kilo and will cost Rs 1 crore. It will be built under the watchful eye of the ISRO and with the help of the Indian Technology Congress Association (ITCA)

Published on 19th July 2022

Andhra girl brings laurels to her school and district with talent and interest in space tech

ISRO had organised a special programme for school children called Young Scientist Programme, popularly known as Yuva Vignani Karyakram or YUVIKA

Published on 2nd June 2022

Are you ready to inhabit Mars? Because IISc has come up with space bricks made from Martian soil 

As per researchers, this method provides an advantage — reduced porosity of the bricks. This has been an obstacle when it comes to using other methods to make bricks from Martian soil

Published on 21st April 2022

Investing in basic scientific research best way to achieve fast economic growth: Ex-ISRO Director at Annamalai Uni's convocation 

"Scientific productivity is a much better predictor of economic wealth. Investing in basic scientific research is the best way for a country to achieve fast economic growth," he said.

Published on 19th April 2022

What The FAQ: What does the probe panel's report say about the failure of ISRO’s Earth observation satellite?

In August last year, the mission to launch Earth Observation Satellite EOS-03 was aborted mid-flight. Here's what the Failure Analysis Committee (FAC) investigation into the failure says

Published on 26th March 2022
ISRO Chandrayaan-2

Chandrayaan-3 to lift-off in August 2022: Ministry of Science and Technology informs Lok Sabha

The Science and Technology minister said that the number of missions planned during 2022 (Jan to Dec'22) are as many as 19

Published on 3rd February 2022

What happened on January 3: Space wizard Dr Satish Dhawan passed away and the boy king of Egypt's coffin was discovered

Dr Satish Dhawan, the third Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation, is the reason behind many path-breaking steps that were taken in the field of space. Also, here's more about King Tut

Published on 3rd January 2022

ISRO to offer free online course on geoprocessing using Python. Details inside 

The course will be offered from 17 to 28 January and candidates will be given a certificate upon completion

Published on 30th December 2021
Vinod Mankara

This Sanskrit science documentary on Mangalyaan is the first of its kind. Here's what's in store for you

Mankara said it would be a complete Sanskrit docu-film by all means as the entire script and dialogues would be in the ancient language

Published on 22nd December 2021

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