Delhi-based RAWS NGO is a one-of-a-kind organisation that 'cares for all'

RAWS is currently based in Delhi but in another two years, Raghav says, they would like to open centres in other cities as well
By Shreesha Ghosh| Edex Live | Published: 11th October 2018 11:22 AM

There are numerous non-profit organisations working for different social causes across the country. They focus on a single cause or maybe one social sector. But, here's a unique not-for-profit organisation that "cares for all". Started in January 2018 by a New Delhi duo — Raghav Malhotra and Dr  Anshul Phogaat — RAWS (Raghav and Anshul welfare society) is not restricted to any specific cause and try to work for the benefit of anyone or everyone who need their help.

"We have been working devotedly for the welfare of stray animals, underprivileged kids, dental check-up camps and for the protection of our mother nature," says Raghav, founder and president of RAWS.

Raghav says that Anshul already runs a charitable dental clinic for the underprivileged and has another clinic of his own. Raghav himself used to teach dance and other art forms at special schools along with some of his friends. As both of them were already part of some kind of social work, they decided to do something themselves and on a larger scale and that's how RAWS was born.

We have never restricted ourselves to one single cause. We started by educating children about the rights of the strays as we felt this is a concerning issue and needs to be addressed. We have also conducted plantation drives where over 350 kids planted around 100 saplings. We distributed sketchbooks, colouring books and other art and craft materials to underprivileged kids at one of our drives a month ago

Raghav Malhotra, Founder, RAWS

RAWS is currently based in Delhi but in another two years, Raghav says, they would like to open centres in other cities as well. Raghav, who is an advocate, now handles the NGO full-time while Anshul handles his clinics and devotes his remaining time to the organisation. "We have distributed the work between us.  We are childhood friends and from the same school. I would say we are having fun doing this," adds Raghav.

Some of their important projects till date include a mission for stray dogs called "Let the Stray Shine", under which they aimed to strap stray animals with Reflective Collars to increase their visibility in the dark which will not only save them but also humans from accidents. "Till date, we have strapped around 50 stray dogs with our Reflective Collars free of cost, without any add-on charges," states Raghav.

RAWS had organized a mega tree plantation drive on Sept. 28, 2018, under our mission "Treevolution...Trees for life" wherein 350 school kids took part and planted around 100 saplings in Vasant Kunj. "On Oct. 1, 2018, we organized an educational and awareness drive for school kids of Delhi Police Public school with the help of Ms.Ekta Taneja (HOD, Biology), who herself is an avid animal lover and wanted us to educate and counsel her students about the welfare and handling of stray animals. They were made comfortable with stray animals, were educated about the various legal rights of stray animals and also about their vaccinations and sterilization programs," explains Raghav.

Treevolution: RAWS had organized a mega tree plantation drive on Sept. 28, 2018 where 350 school kids participated to plant saplings

Raghav and Anshul handle the funding of the organisation from their own pockets currently, he says, "sometimes people donate, but minimal amounts. However, two years down the line, the government can officially help us and the money won't be a problem anymore I hope."

Raghav says their USP is just helping anyone in need — plain and simple. And he thinks this will help them be more successful in their endeavours, "We are not expecting anything in return, we will help anyone who needs the help and support, the welfare of the society is our main aim. We plan to address one problem at a time in all the spheres of life."

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