Krutika Singh Rathore is a model and actor, and she doesn't want to stop at that

This Hyderabadi girl is quite the rage on Instagram with her posts on fashion, food and more. She was even declared as a social media influencer recently 
Model and actress Krutika Singh Rathore
Model and actress Krutika Singh Rathore

From a model to an actor in a television series to now a food and fashion blogger, one can only guess what Krutika Singh Rathore might do next. For someone who loves to try new things, the sky's the limit. And this social media influencer, a title bestowed upon her by a magazine last month, is flying so high that she might as well pluck a star with her bare hands!

With more than 40,000 followers and around 500 posts on fashion, food and more, she remains grateful to all those who have helped her achieve this. "Honestly, my friends and fellow bloggers have been very supportive," she begins. 

Krutika also wants to make good use of her platform. You can expect to see her new and official blog page soon, among the many other things that she wants to keep trying because she simply loves a challenge. One such challenge came in the form of a Telugu series called Ok Jaanu, last year. "I casually went for the auditions and they liked me," says Krutika, still quite thrilled with herself. She was chosen to play the lead role of a 19-year-old girl from a rich family who falls in love with a middle-class boy, and she's made quite the impression with her acting chops. 

Tune in: The poster of Krutika Singh Rathore's Ok Jaanu

Thanks to her experience in modelling, Krutika is far from camera-shy and though this made acting slightly easier, "It was still challenging because modelling and acting are totally different worlds. But when the scene is shot and everyone on set appreciates you for it, there's nothing like it," says Krutika, who believe that she's still learning the ropes when it comes to acting. Now, she works about 12-13 hours a day, shooting for the serial. And like almost all determined stars, she too wants to get into the film industry. "The reason I took up Ok Jaanu was because I wanted to learn how things work," she says, though she is aware that serials and movies are two vastly different mediums. Though the dedicated actor has been giving auditions for different roles, her agenda for this year is to spend more time with her family, which she hasn't been able to do due of multiple commitments.       

Best friend: Krutika with her dog, Pepper

Off camera though, Krutika describes herself as a complete foodie. (Well that explains why she ventured into food blogging!) She also loves staying at home, eating ghar ka khana and spending time with her dog, Pepper. 

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