NEET-UG 2024: Highlights of NTA's FAQ on paper leaks, grace marks and more

The National Testing Agency (NTA), today, Wednesday, June 12, released a frequently asked questions (FAQs) document with a comprehensive explanation to many questions regarding paper leak allegations, irregularities, compensatory marks and more
NEET-UG 2024: Highlights of NTA's FAQ on paper leaks, grace marks and more
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In the light of recent controversies around the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test - Undergraduate (NEET-UG), the National Testing Agency (NTA) has released a  frequently asked questions (FAQs) document with comprehensive explanation to many questions like paper leak allegations, irregularities, compensatory marks and more.

The document was released by the NTA today, on July 12, on its official website. Here are a few important highlights from the NTA document:

  1. What was the role of the Grievance Redressal Committee in giving the Compensatory marks for time loss and why was it done?

During the press conference on June 8, the Ministry of Education announced that it is forming a grievance redressal committee to thoroughly analyse the grievances raised by candidates and ensure that all issues are resolved fairly and transparently.

The NTA explains that a few Writ Petitions were filed by the candidates of NEET (UG) -2024 before the Hon’ble High Courts for loss of exam time in the NEET (UG) - 2024 exam at few Centres.

“Accordingly, a Grievance Redressal Committee was formed which considered the grievances/representations based on factual reports of the functionaries and CCTV footage from concerned exam Centres. To compensate for the loss of time, such candidates were compensated with compensatory marks,” the FAQ document mentioned.

  1. How were the Compensatory marks calculated?

“The loss of examination time was ascertained and such candidates were compensated with marks based on their answering efficiency and time lost, as per the mechanism/ formula established by the Hon’ble Apex Court, vide its judgement dated 13.06.2018 in W.P. 551 of 2018. 1563 candidates were compensated for the loss of time,”  NTA clarified.

There have been concerns regarding lack of clarity from NTA’s side regarding on what basis were these grace marks given to the NEET aspirants calculated.

“Due to the compensatory marks, two candidates happened to secure 718 and 719 marks,” the NTA further added

  1. What action is NTA taking on unfair mean cases?

This year, a number of instances of impersonation, cheating and unfair means came forward from exam centres.

Regarding this, the NTA said, “A Committee was constituted consisting of three eminent experts in the field of examination and academics to put forward the different types of issues reported such as Impersonation, cheating, unfair means cases, and tampered OMR. The committee went through the relevant issues and prepared a list of actions proposed by the committee. The total number of Unfair means cases in NEET (UG) - 2024 was 63.”

The body further added that on recommendation of the committee, a total of 12 candidates were debarred from the exam for three years, nine candidates for two years, and one candidate for one year. As many as 32 candidates were given the status of ‘Result Later’ till a detailed report was received. The Committee had given its recommendation against each case.

  1. Why has there been variation in cut-offs in the NEET exam over the years?

Another major concern that has surfaced post-declaration of NEET-UG results this year, is an unusual inflation in the cut-off — leading to 67 students scoring the full marks.

Regarding this, the NTA said, “Reduced syllabus, moderate difficulty level, increased number of aspirants and the fact that NEET(UG) allows multiple attempts could be some of the reasons for higher scores.”

“The number of candidates who appeared in 2023 was 20,38,596, while the number of candidates who appeared in 2024 increased to 23,33,297. The increase in candidates naturally led to an increase in high scorers due to a larger pool of candidates,” it further said.

It also added that out of the 67 candidates who got 720/720 marks, 44 are on account of the revision in one answer key of physics, and six are on account of compensatory marks for loss of time.

  1.  Is it true that there has been a paper leak in Bihar or Godhra?

NTA has claimed that none of the paper leak allegations are “backed with evidence”.

“These cases seem to be related to cheating/impersonation and not to paper leaks. While the outcome of the investigation in aforesaid cases is awaited, NTA has categorically denied any case of paper leak,” it said.

“NTA has recently received communication from Patna Police regarding the requirement of documents concerning certain candidates. All relevant information and documents have been proactively provided to them. NTA remains committed to fully supporting and assisting all investigations and law enforcement agencies involved in this matter,” it added.

  1. Have there been instances of paper-solver gangs who have impersonated the examinees in return for some lakhs of rupees?

NTA said that it has registered cases against impersonators and some cases have been registered by the State Police.

“The NTA is actively engaged with all relevant stakeholders to gather detailed information and evidence related to the alleged malpractices. Any individuals or entities found involved in such activities will be subjected to strict disciplinary action as per law,” the document read.

The document by NTA also adds that a “high-powered committee” has been formed to revisit the cases of those candidates (approximately 1563) who were awarded compensatory marks to address the issue of time loss during the NEET (UG) - 2024 examination.

The candidates can access this full document by NTA at its official website,

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