Andhra Pradesh: Kakinada schools suffer due to hanging Nadu-Nedu scheme

With no progress in the Nadu-Nedu scheme, sand, stones and rubble occupy most of the space in the schools
Image for representational purpose only | (Pic: Express)
Image for representational purpose only | (Pic: Express)

The education in several government schools in Andhra Pradesh's Kakinada district has literally gone to dust. With no progress in the second phase of the government's Nadu-Nedu scheme, sand, stones and rubble occupy most of the space in the schools, posing risks for students and teachers, in addition to affecting education.

"The Government desires to improve the learning outcomes and decrease the dropout rate in all schools by taking up various measures including upgrading the school infrastructure through the implementation of Mana Badi - Nadu Nedu Programme," says the Andhra Pradesh government's website. Around 663 schools were selected for the second phase of this scheme, including 153 schools in Kakinada, as per a report by The New Indian Express.

However, the implementation of the programme is experiencing an impasse, as a result of which, heaps of sand and construction stones are lying around on the school premises causing hindrance to the movement of students. The construction materials have occupied the playgrounds as well, limiting the space for students.

Many students are falling prey to the negligence of the working staff. On October 28, 2022, a student died of electrocution and four others were injured. They had accidentally touched an iron rod that was in contact with the damaged wires of a stone-cutting machine at Donthukurru ZPH school in the Katrenikona Mandal.

The second phase of the Nadu-Nedu programme was launched on August 16, 2021. According to the records, 15,715 schools were developed in the state with Rs 3,600 crore in the first phase. Then the state government allocated Rs 4,446 crore for the development of 16,000 schools in the second phase.

However, the works were stopped due to a lack of sand supply. Now, students have to walk through the construction materials on the premises of the schools. Many also complain of dust allergies and other health issues, as per TNIE.

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