University elections in Uttar Pradesh may soon be held following Lyngdoh Committee recommendations

State universities and other higher learning institutes in Uttar Pradesh may soon hold student union elections as per the Lyngdoh committee's recommendations
Pic: EdexLive
Pic: EdexLive

As the Lok Sabha elections approach within a year, political parties are showing a great interest in recruiting supporters from university campuses. In Uttar Pradesh, state universities and other institutes of higher education may soon conduct student union elections following the recommendations of the Lyngdoh committee. Indication to this effect was given by UP higher education Minister Yogendra Upadhyaya said, "The government has not put a ban on the student union elections. Universities are free to conduct the elections, but they should abide by the recommendations of the Lyngdoh panel. It is the universities who should take a call now," as reported by IANS.

In order to safeguard the election process from criminal elements and political parties, the Lyngdoh committee has recommended only college and university students be permitted to participate in the elections. Direct elections will be held for smaller universities. For larger universities, the panel suggests that individual colleges should form their representative bodies. These elections should be conducted annually, within six to eight weeks of the start of the academic session. Additionally, only undergraduate students between the ages of 17 and 22 will be eligible to contest.

In 2006, Lucknow University delayed its union elections due to reports of violence on campus. In September 2007, the state government imposed a temporary ban on student union elections across the state, with the aim of preventing outsiders from participating in campus elections. However, in March 2008, the ban was lifted by the state government, which instead recommended the implementation of the Lyngdoh Committee's recommendations, as directed by the Supreme Court as reported by IANS.

The ministry of higher education also issued a letter to the then secretary of the University Grants Commission Dr TR Kem, instructing him to take necessary steps to ensure compliance with the apex court's order, but to date, the union elections have not been held.

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