Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University to conduct odd and even semester exams simultaneously, students express concerns

First-year students at law colleges in Tamil Nadu are struggling with their studies as the university conducts exams for the odd and even semesters simultaneously owing to a time shortage
Picture of Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University | Pic: Sourced
Picture of Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University | Pic: Sourced

First-year LLB (Hons) and five-year integrated degree course students at law colleges struggle with their studies as faculties rush through lessons in odd and even semester subjects. This is primarily because the Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University has decided to conduct exams for both semesters concurrently this academic year due to time constraints., stated a report by The New Indian Express.

A first-year Student K Madhavi (name changed) at LLB (Hons.) in Government Law College in Madurai, told TNIE, "Due to the admission delay, classes for first-year students began last December. However, faculties had completed the subjects for odd semesters expeditiously due to time shortages. Without conducting odd semesters, now faculties have completed 50% portions of subjects in even semesters. Students face hardship to understand basic legal concepts at subjects."

Another student in Coimbatore told TNIE, "When asked about odd semester schedules, faculties say that the university will conduct odd and even semesters simultaneously to first-year students. How can we write ten subjects and one practical exam (two semesters) simultaneously? It will be difficult for us to prepare for the semester exam." She said the university should conduct an odd semester first and it will conduct an even semester with at least a two months gap, otherwise, students cannot write exams with full preparation. A teaching staff told TNIE that usually the student admission will begin one week, after the release of class XII results and the odd semester will start in June and it will end in December as reported by The New Indian Express.

"After the pandemic situation, admission was delayed at colleges. Besides, the university made delays in preparing the rank list on a reservation basis in this academic year. So, classes started with much delay," she said.

"A semester's working days will be 90 days. Due to time shortages, faculties are forced to teach subjects expeditiously to first-year students and this issue is in all law colleges. Five subjects for an odd semester were completed within one and a half months instead of 90 days. So, students are under pressure as faculties finish the lessons expeditiously. Besides, the university decided to conduct semester exams for the two semesters simultaneously, and students are worried that how to write exams efficiently," she said.

According to the sources, except for the first year, the university had conducted odd semesters to the second and third years recently. When contacted, the controller of examination in the university R Srinivasan told TNIE, "As we conducted semester exams with much delay in last academic year due to COVID-19, the student admission delayed in this academic year. To rectify it, we will be conducting two semesters simultaneously. For this, we will give a certain period to students to prepare for the exams. So, they need not panic. The semester exam will be announced soon.” He said that they would put a full stop to the problem of delaying admission and exams this academic year as reported by The New Indian Express.

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