Dairy Science College students in Bengaluru protest for creation of Dairy Extension Officer post. Here's why

Students demand a departmental post to help farmers with quality assurance of raw milk and job opportunities for graduates
Representative image | Pic: Express
Representative image | Pic: Express

Dairy Science College students in Bengaluru, Karnataka have been protesting, asking for the creation of the position of a Dairy Extension Officer (DEO).

The departmental position has been requested by the students in order to assist farmers in ensuring the quality of the raw milk they supply. They have stated that while all agricultural sectors have governmental posts that they are able to apply for, no such government post exists for students of the college. “We are left without jobs as there are no posts available for dairy science graduates in the state. Similar posts are available for the same graduates in other states, however, despite the government offering the BTech in Dairy Technology, there are no government posts for its graduates. While some can opt to undertake their master’s, the rest are left without any jobs,” the students shared, stated a report by The New Indian Express.

In an effort to get a post created, more than 250 students have been protesting and skipping lessons and exams. They have suggested that a DEO can aid in encouraging dairy production in Karnataka and guaranteeing that the supply of raw milk is of a high standard. They added that despite repeated requests for the position, the government has paid them no attention throughout that time. “The farmers must also be taught how to ensure the quality of raw milk is at a good level. They must also be intimated on current technologies available to them as dairy farmers, especially in the field of mechanisation. It is vital for such a post to be formed, not only for the graduates but also for the benefit of dairy farmers,” they said, as reported by The New Indian Express.

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