NExT 2023: Another fake notice online? Students worry, medical fraternity reacts

On February 3, a fake notice was circulated online which stated that the NMC has issued new guidelines for the NExT according to which subjects and marks distribution will change
Read the report here | (Pic: EdexLive)
Read the report here | (Pic: EdexLive)

Today, June 7, a notice by National Medical Commission (NMC) Academic Cell was doing the rounds on social media. The notice was regarding the upcoming National Exit Exam Test (NExT). The notice read, "As per the notice D-11011/532/2023/AC dated 26.05.23, the meeting was held on the date of 07.06.23 and it is to be informed that the upcoming exam National Exit Test (NEXT), is finalised to be held in the second half of 2023. The detailed schedule along with its rules and regulations will be disclosed shortly."

Now, the NMC has pronounced the circular as fake. 

Hours after it was found circulating and caught the eye of the medical aspirants, the Federation of Resident Doctors Association (FORDA) issued a statement and declared it as fake. The initial tweet by the association read, "With the dense fog around the timeline & conduct of NEXT exam, it is imperative that the schedule & rules and regulations are released well in advance and NOT JUST 30 days prior. This is very callous and irresponsible on the part of @NMC_IND. This is the first time that an entirely new exam is being held just 30 days after it’s brochure release!!"

Further, the association posted, "With this tweet we wanted to make a very important point- to elicit a response from the NMC and call out anti-student regimes who make these fake notices at the expense of their mental well being," the statement read. 

The National Chairman of FAIMA (Federation of All Indian Medical Association), Dr Rohan Krishnan opines, "It is very sad and depressing for the exam-going students because there is a lot of uncertainty regarding this issue." Also, it is very important to understand that students are anxious and considering the vast syllabus of MBBS, students should be given an ample amount of time, he adds. 

"Additionally, there should be certainty about the exam pattern of who will be eligible and what will happen to the repeaters and FMGs (Foreign Medical Graduates). All these aspects should be clear-cut and NMC should have a dialogue with the student bodies as we are the messengers who help with spreading the news," he highlights. 

Further, he recalls that it has become impossible to reach NMC and urges NMC to have bilateral talks. 

Earlier fake notice
To recall, this is not the first fake notice which was circulated. On February 3, a fake notice was circulated online which stated that the NMC has issued new guidelines for the NExT (National Exit  Exam Test), according to which, subjects and marks distribution will change. Therefore, candidates will have to follow a new structure.

Following this, the National Medical Commission released a notification that busted the fake news being spread over social media. NMC has warned candidates against fake public notices being circulated regarding a change in syllabus and marks distribution in National Exit Exam Test (NExT),  stated reports online. 

Since this notice was out on social media, the medical aspirants' reactions have poured in. While few claimed this was a fake notice, a few of them were left confused about whether to believe it or not. 

Aspirants react

@dhruvdesai7781: Sir, i am from MP state 19 batch...
Our prefinal exam has not yet finished...
And final year is for from beginning....
How can they start Next examination without considering each state final year status..

@bky625: We students have to dependent on our seniors who are in contact ministry or NMC but this is not the way to communicate. NMC have to develop public information system otherwise this type of confusion will remain that this is original or fake type of notice.

There is communication gap between medical studens and NMC. Such a huge commission not have any public information system other than it site which is not update regarding circulating letters. NMC Twitter account is inactive for 2 years not a single tweet in near about 2 years.

@drsinghraj_: @OfficeOf_MM @PMOIndia invalidated thousands of medical students who had taken admission in BSMD course in Philips saying that we do not believe in BS.  And all those students got stuck in the middle.  Still at stake is the future of thousands of students who are studying. soln?

Now everyone is saying that this letter is fake, don't you know what NMC did to the FMGS of Philippines?
Look at the matter

Who gives solutions to us future?

@kanugo_srikanth: I don't know if this is a true news or not but if it is who ever it is making this rethink.when next came into news in 2020 it was clearly said to start for 2019 ug batch so 2018&2017 graduates should actually get a chance for fmge exam this is my opinion

@A1stardan: There's only one thing we can depend on Nmc for, their uncompromising stand on never bothering to give updates

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