Kerala Governor calls for change in higher education to keep students in state in Republic Day speech

Governor Arif Mohammed Khan has called for a qualitative change in the state’s higher education to stop student exodus to other states and countries
Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan | (Pic: Express)
Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan | (Pic: Express)

In his Republic Day speech in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan urged for a change in higher education to keep students in the state and take advantage of the nation's demographic dividend, according to an ANI report. He also praised the state government led by Pinarayi Vijayan for their work on important issues like housing, healthcare, education and agriculture.

As per the ANI report, while delivering his speech at the Central stadium, the Governor said, "This decade of India's projected demographic dividend calls for progressive qualitative transformation in Higher Education to limit the flow of our students to other States and countries. Given Kerala's high intellectual and technological potential, it is achievable through dedicated, focused efforts.”

The Governor highlighted Kerala's achievements, including its top ranking in the Union Ministry of Education's Performance Grading Index (PGI), success in achieving Sustainable Development Goals and effective management of decentralized planning, as well as the state's low multidimensional poverty rate, as stated in the NITI Aayog Baseline Report, and the high youth employability rating, as per the India Skills Report 2022.

Earlier today, January 26, Governor Khan hoisted the National Flag and received a salute at the parade attended by Chief Minister Pinrayi Vijayan, Ministers Antony Raju, GR Anil, V Sivankutty, Chief Secretary VP Joy, and Thiruvananthapuram Mayor Arya Rajendran, among others.

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