Dream big for a new India: President Droupadi Murmu to students on Children's Day

She also urged the students to stay connected with India's culture, always respect their parents, and love their motherland
President Droupadi Murmu | (Pic: Express)
President Droupadi Murmu | (Pic: Express)

At the Rashtrapati Bhavan Cultural Centre (RBCC) today, November 14, President Droupadi Murmu addressed students from various schools on the occasion of Children's Day. She encouraged the children to dream big and for a new and developed India. She also urged them to stay connected with India's culture, always respect their parents and love their motherland.

Stating that childhood is the most beautiful phase of life, the President said, "Children are accepted as they are. This is what makes them so alive. Today, we are celebrating this innocence and purity of children," as per a PTI report. She added that every new generation brings new dreams and possibilities.

"This is a new era of technological and information revolution. Children are now aware of various domestic, social and environmental issues. With the advent of technology, knowledge and information are now at their fingertips. So, it is all the more important that we make more efforts to teach them the right values and involve them in various activities and discussions. We can also learn a lot from children," Murmu said.

According to a statement issued by the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the President advised the students to think about the kind of India they want to live in when they grow up. She urged them to follow the path of duty without worrying about the result which will eventually lead them to great success. She added that the path they choose today would determine the journey of India in the coming days, stating that the "dreams of today may become a reality tomorrow". Murmu also advised the students to keep their inner child alive even as they grow up, as per PTI.

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