45 dogs died a slow, painful death: Animal activist files complaint against IIT Madras over dog death

In July, while responding to a PIL filed by an animal rights group, the institute said that 45 of the 186 dogs that it had captured had died
Image used for representational purpose only (Pic: newindianexpress.com)
Image used for representational purpose only (Pic: newindianexpress.com)

A Bengaluru-based animal activist Harish K B has filed a complaint with the Chennai Commissioner of Police seeking action against IIT Madras' Registrar Dr Jane Prasad and the management for "killing 45 innocent stray dogs". The complainant also accuses the institute's management of "illegally capturing 186 perfectly healthy stray dogs and keeping them in close confinement in cages and chains ever since October 4, 2020" and seeks action under IPC 428 and 429.

In July, while responding to a PIL filed by an animal rights group, Prasad had said that 45 of the 186 dogs that the institute had captured had died. The dogs, according to the institute's response, died due to old age and illness, while others were "rescued in bad condition". "The dog management process adopted by the institute is an ongoing process," she said, adding that the institute has a dog park with a full-time veterinarian. At the same time, in September, the Madras High Court told the institute that its premises are neither a dog park nor a zoo. "IIT campus is not a dog park, nor a zoo, nor is it the IIT's core business to devote its resources or energy towards maintaining dogs, including pets that residents in the city may abandon at the IIT gates," it said.

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The fresh complaint now alleges that all the 186 dogs that were captured were healthy and young and that most of them were sterilised. "It's very clear that these dogs died only because the IIT Madras management never provided the required balanced diet and water. Also, the dogs were always confined in a closed environment in constant fear and never had the freedom to move, walk or run around," the complaint reads.

While the IIT Madras did not comment on the police complaint and the dog death, it said that it has made all efforts to keep the animals safe. "Every dog on our campus is microchipped and three separate enclosures have been provided. The institute has appointed a  full-time Veterinarian and five handlers to take care of the dogs on campus 24×7. The facility has been inspected by various Government agencies and the dogs are being fed  based on the expert advice given."

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