Why does this seven-year-old record-holder from Kerala know so much about the stock market?

Noel Alexander was recently recognised for identifying the most number of MNCs in 4 minutes. This is where his unique talent is taking him
Representative Image | Pic: Pixabay
Representative Image | Pic: Pixabay

The stock market is a beast that not everyone has been able to fully understand. So it is a little more than unbelievable to learn about a Class I student whose hobby happens to be following the stock exchange and understanding how the economy works. Noel Alexander's obsession with the stock market has earned him a couple of places in the record books. He holds a record for identifying 120 Multinational Companies in under four minutes through their logos. The India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records are keepers of his achievement. Noel's affinity for the subject comes from being curious about the terminologies his dad, Sibu Alexander used in line with his business. 

And for a year now, Noel has been absorbing all he can about the markets with the help of his parents, who have had to reinforce and constantly update their own knowledge on the exchange, the industry and the companies in order to keep up with their son's inquisitive nature. “Because of his doubts, we make sure that we do proper research. There have been instances where he would remind me about stop-loss (an advance order to sell an asset when it reaches a particular price point),” Sibu quipped in a chat with TNIE. The youngster is also up-to-date with his knowledge of cryptocurrency and now aims to gain a better understanding of the Nifty and the SENSEX in India.

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