Whopping 98.2 per cent of students across India prefer offline classes to online classes: New survey

The survey was conducted by NISA and TRSMA to understand the impact of COVID on school students and the loss in learning and understanding of the syllabus  
Representational image (Picture: Pixabay)
Representational image (Picture: Pixabay)

The National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA), along with state level budget schools affiliated to Telangana Recognized Schools Management Association (TRSMA), conducted a research and survey across the country about the impact of the COVID pandemic on children in the academic year 2020-21.

E Prasad Rao, NISA Research Head, TRSMA State President, Y Shekar Rao and District General Secretary, D Sripal Reddy released the survey report on December 15. Prasad Rao explained the survey report, which was conducted in 26 states with 1,502 students (Classes III, V and VIII) in semi-urban, urban and rural areas private schools. 

Prasad Rao said, "During this survey, around 44.6 per cent of the students expressed difficulty in coping with the present class. Whereas 32.8 per cent were not feeling confident of pursuing the present class. 45.1 per cent of the students expressed their desire for special classes to cover the learning loss and gap.

He added, "We understood that students prefer methodology and physical classes instead of online classes. 12 per cent of the students are unable to attended online classes due to lack of internet connectivity and devices. Students were asked about their joining and interest in offline classes. Interestingly, 98.2 per cent expressed their opinion to join offline classes. 83.2 percent students felt that they missed their friends and the school."

Meanwhile, Shekar Rao said, "The urban schools have major challenges in reading, writing and understanding of mother tongue. If schools close or shut down again, it will have a huge impact on education and students' learning ability. This survey report will be sent to all state governments and Union government soon."

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