School Education Department forms 107 teams to inspect Coimbatore schools for Dengue mosquito breeding grounds 

Schools have been asked to inform their CEO if a student has applied for leave due to fever, and has listed strict actionagainst institutions found with breeding sites
An offcial said at least 317 students have suffered from Dengue in recent times
An offcial said at least 317 students have suffered from Dengue in recent times

Uniting with the district administration in its battle against dengue, the School Education Department has formed 107 special teams to inspect schools in Coimbatore district for sites where the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which spread the disease, can breed.

Each team consists of  three members - a teacher, a sports teacher and a National Service Scheme  volunteer who will inspect over 1,990 schools, including matriculation and CBSE-affiliated schools, said an official at the Office of the Chief Educational Officer.

Breeding grounds: The administration is also taking precautions including distributing a health concoction (representative image)

The teams, formed a couple of days ago, have started inspecting schools. If mosquito breeding grounds are found in any school, departmental action will be taken against the management. Arrangements would also be made to clean the place through the Health Department.

As many as 317 students have suffered from dengue in recent times, the official added. All heads of schools have been asked to send emails with details to the CEO if any student has taken leave because of fever. The heads of schools have also been asked to keep track of such students till they return to school. 

They now get numerous emails at the newly created id, Nilavembu kudineer ( a neem concoction)  is being distributed to students of government and aided schools, but is now being distributed to private schools after demand. The officials also stressed the importance of creating awareness among students and teachers about dengue and the need to keep their surroundings clean to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.

(This was first published in The New Indian Express)

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