Happy Birthday Superstar: 4 fan-made Rajini Android apps you must try TODAY!

When did google play store start spreading Rajinikanthism? Check out how these fan-made super star games that are slaying play store in Rajini style 
Rajinikanth turns 67, from Sivaji to the Robot google play store has got an app for every movie you ask | Play store
Rajinikanth turns 67, from Sivaji to the Robot google play store has got an app for every movie you ask | Play store

Thinking of a way in which you can join the Rajini Mania as the Superstar turns 67 today? Forget listening to songs on YouTube or even watching a few old flicks. Get your phones out and check out these awesome fan-made apps dedicated to our 'Thalaivar' that can make December 12 full of Rajinikanthism.

Yes, that's a word now. Deal with it.

Check out these 4 killer Rajinikanth apps/games on Google Play Store:

Gangster Kabali: Rajini

This fan-made game has an animated version of Rajinikanth as Kabali (from the titular character he played in the 2016 movie) going through the streets of Malaysia, beating up thugs and anyone who gets in his way. Looks a lot like a rebooted, clay-model version of the old taekwondo games, but hey, it kicks arse. 

Developer: Vishnu Games 

Rating: 4.5 stars

Installs: 50,000-100,000

Flying Rajini

Typically looks like an Indian Mario with Rajinikanth's body in a Superman outfit. If you're into first-person-flying games or just want to see Rajinikanth enter the stratosphere, then this could be a really fun game for you to check out.

Developer: Cousin Games

Rating: 4 stars

Installs: 500-1,000 

Rajini The Boss (Talking Rajini)

Those who love Talking Tom can pretty much figure out what this app is all about. This Talking Rajini seems to resemble the 80's version of the Superstar with bell bottom pants and curvy shoes. He will mouth off dialogues ta you if you push, prod or even take a swipe at him. Watch out, he can blow up!

Developer: Aap Labs in 2013

Rating: 4.2 stars

Installs: 10,000-50,000

Robot 2: The Game

Lyca Productions may have pushed the release of Rajini's 2.0 by a whole year, but fans have already taken what little dope they have and put the game out. Try and escape the traps set for Chitti the Robot and beat the evil doc in the process.

Developer: Oh It's Trending 

Rating: 4.6 stars

Installs: 1000-5000

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